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Godzilla, Mothra, & Mechagodzilla Have Arrived in Clash of Kings! (SPONSORED)

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During the collab period (June 5-30, 2019), you will be able to get castle skins of Godzilla and Mothra. And Mechagodzilla will appear as a world boss! Godzilla fans will go crazy on this collab! You can check the details of the collab in the in-game announcements.

Introducing Collab items and world boss

Godzilla will appear as a dragon

Wow! Is that a Godzilla’s egg!? Godzilla will appear as a dragon.

This is what it looks like, when hatched. We can hear its roar right now.

Godzilla showing its breath, which took out numerous towns!

Limited Collab skins

This is what the Godzilla castle skin looks like. It’s bigger than the building which gives a huge impact.

This is what the Mothra castle skin looks like. It is looking around from above as if it is guarding the larvas.

This is the Mothra wings. It is very colorful and definitely eye catching when decorated.

This is the Godzilla chat box. On the right-hand corner, there is a mini sized Godzilla. On the left-hand corner, there is an illustration of the buildings.

Below is the Mothra chat box. This also has a mini sized Mothra on the right-hand corner. On the left-hand corner, there is a mini sized larva.

World Boss

Mechagodzilla will arrive as a world boss!

Endure Mechagodzilla’s fierce attack!

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