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Fort Siege System

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Are you ready to take your Alliance to the next level? Make sure to join a Fort Siege--a Battleground arena just for Alliance battles.

Fort Siege is a large scale PvP battle, waged against two opposing Alliances. Instead of the regular player Battleground--which is more of a PvP free-for-all--the Fort Siege will pit an Alliance as the attacker, and another as the defender in a two hour battle to own Fort Cloudstorm.

To be eligible to join Fort Siege, an Alliance must be at least level 4 and be at least a week old in age. To join, an Alliance must first acquire three Siege Invitations, which can be obtained by defeating Celestial Agents. They are essentially mini-bosses, so they will be easily located on the mini-map as a red dot. Try looking for Celestial Agents who are scattered throughout the world. Once your Alliance has three Siege Invitations, your Alliance Leader can turn them in at the Elder of Mystery (in Sunstream City) to receive one Siege Order. Next, the Alliance Leader needs to turn in that Siege Order to the Fort Siege Deputy, along with 100 gold to sign up for the next Fort Siege battle. With the Fort Siege Deputy, your Alliance and the opposing Alliance can schedule a time to do battle.

Is your Alliance below the level requirement, but everyone is itching to join Fort Siege? In that case, every Alliance member should be donating Merit Incense and other provisions to the Alliance Master to raise the Alliance's level.

When an Alliance signs up, they can choose to attack a defending Alliance. In order to win as an attacker, the Alliance will need to break through the fort walls and destroy the Regenesis sword. To aid in their battle, attackers will be able to summon different Titans to bolster their teams' offensive attack. Generally, the Alliance will need to destroy the three towers in the middle of the arena to open the fort gates. However, there are other means of entry into the city, so keep your eyes open!

As a defending an Alliance who has no desire to lose their fort, they must successfully defend their fort and prevent the other team from destroying the Regenesis Sword in the two hour time limit. If players feel their defense is strong enough, they can launch an offensive attack and attempt to destroy the Ruby of Discord tower in the attackers' base.

Defenders have the ability to alter the battleground, upgrading the towers to make the attacker's job much more difficult. Once a team has captured a fort, it is in the Alliance's best interest to upgrade and fortify the towers to keep the fort.

The winning Alliance of a Fort Siege battle will have their name on the contested fort, as well as their success being announced in-game. The Alliance Leader will receive an exclusive Fort Siege mount, as well as 100 gold each day to be distributed as the leader sees fit. All Alliance members will receive a special title.

With such sweet prizes--not to mention just a fun battle--Fort Siege is definitely the next step in Alliance PvP. And if you're not in an Alliance yet, what are you waiting for?

Speak to Fort Siege Deputy to sign up!

Speak with the Fort Teleporter to teleport into the Fort Siege..

The Governor will distribute your Alliance's well-earned gold each day the Alliance holds the Fort.


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