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First Look at the Ranger

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Our preview of Rift classes kicks off this week with a look at the Ranger. Classically designed through game philosophy the Ranger is the ultimate Hunter. If playing a ranged or pet class is your particular style of gameplay than look no further. Rangers have always held a close spot in many gamer’s hearts as mythical heroes the likes Robin Hood. Woodsman, archer, hunter, and tamer of beasts all make the Ranger a fun class in any game.

Trion continues to provide us with a preview of the Rift classes as we get close to E3 next week. Below read the write up of the Ranger class and get ready for more next week when we are on hand to check out Rift in person.

Class: Ranger


Rangers are consummate hunters who know the strengths and weaknesses of every beast, taming animal companions to augment their considerable prowess in ranged combat. This synergy between bow and beast allows Rangers to handily overcome the most daunting obstacles.


An expert woodsman and archer, the Ranger excels at striking from range, while their animal companion harries the opponent in close combat.


Without an animal companion, a Ranger is but a simple archer, and while still quite deadly, can no longer mount a strong defense in close combat.

History & Lore

The Elves have always shared a mystical bond with the beasts of Telara, but this ancient compact was sundered with the arrival of Greenscale and his faerie minions. It was Durnes, an Elven huntress, who discovered that the capricious faeries could speak to the brutes, and lure them to serve their twisted court. For a fortnight she stalked the Fae Lords and studied their every move, determined to learn the secret language of the wild.

Knowledge in hand, the huntress methodically restored order to her home, turning the beasts of the wood against the slaves of Greenscale. Unprepared for an assault from within the heart of their stronghold, the Faerie court was quickly overrun by the packs of wolves bred to protect their borders. Many fled the carnage, only to fall with Durnes’s well-placed arrows through their hearts. The few surviving fairies abandoned the forest, choosing the wrath of the great dragon over being hunted by the first of the Rangers.

There is a lot more to come as we continue our exclusive look at the Rift classes before E3. Tomorrow we’ll highlight one of the stealth classes in the game for all those players who love to stab people in the dark!


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