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Exploring the Genie System

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Our second expansion, "Age of Spirits", will open up a new layer of customization for PWI players with the release of the Genie system. The Genie system allows players to further refine and add to their current skill set to make battle even more exciting.

The Genie system will allow players to access a completely new set of skills that can be interchanged and customized to their liking. This means more well-rounded players, and more strategic gameplay. In terms of PvE, players could obtain skills to help them slay monsters and bosses faster and more efficiently. In addition to the improvements in PvE battle strategies, the use of Genies will also change the way players participate in PvP, whether that be in duels or Territory Wars.

Many Genie skills are either character buffs or enemy debuffs, and sometimes both in the same skill. For example, the Virulent Poison skill will deal poison damage to the target while making your character immune to physical damage. This could be a good skill for Wizards or Archers, who are both high DPS characters but with very low vitality. Another useful skill for the lower HP characters could be Evil Ward, which makes your character immune to taking additional damage for a period of time after casting.

Many PvPers like to use spells like Silence or Stun to gain the upper-hand. With the Genies, however, a player has access to spells to negate some of these effects. Fortify will make a character immune to Stun and Will Surge will make a character immune to Silence. There are also spells that Genies can cast that will break players out of those status effects. With this in mind, the former Silence and Stun users will have to rethink their PvP strategies.

There are also many Genie skills that will improve player strategy in Territory Wars. Holy Path will increase a player's movement speed, as well as the speed of his/her squad mates nearby to the maximum. That may just be the extra push need to win the war! Perhaps even more advantageous would be Windstorm, an ability that will deal damage to multiple targets around you and reduce their movement speed. That will definitely come in handy if you suddenly find yourself overwhelmed and need to make a quick exit.

Some spells have limitations to where they can be used, whether it be on the ground, water or in the air. Some of the air-specific spells (ones that require that you be flying) include Electro Dance, which summons thunderbirds to deal Metal damage to all targets around you in a 12 meter radius. Several Water buff spells like Heal Ripple: Birth and Acid Ripple: Luck can only be cast while in water.

There are also class specific spells. For example, Aquaflame Armor is a wizard only spell, which will decrease the amount of damage a player takes for a short while, then increase the amount of damage they take. The idea here is to temporarily buff yourself long enough to deal high damage and kill your opponent before the buff reverses.

For more class specific spells, there is also Fireball which is limited to Archers, which deals fire damage according to the amount of accuracy your character possesses. Being that archers depend on very high accuracy and dexterity, they can be assured that this spell will be very powerful.

For the Barbarians, there are skills like Solid Shield. This spell absorbs both physical and magical damage for a limited amount of time, further increasing the Barbarian's tank ability.

All these skills can either further strengthen a player's characteristics, or can add spells they didn't previously have access to. It really depends on what you would like to improve most. We firmly believe that the Age of Spirits expansion, and more importantly the addition of the Genie System, will provide our users with a whole new level of customization to their gaming experience.


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