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Exclusive Developer Diary - Featured Creatures Part 2

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Harness the Powers of the Elemental Creatures Featured In-Game

In the previous Dark and Light creatures spotlight, the team provided a close look at the varied creatures that players will encounter while exploring the world. However, the creatures are more than just set dressing or leveling fodder. Many of the creatures contain varying amounts of elemental magic that fuels Dark and Light’s world, which can be extracted by skilled players but also from raw materials. This harvested elemental magic can be used in a many ways and will be an invaluable resource for players of every level. Now, let’s dig deeper into the basics of Dark and Light’s elemental magic system.

For players keen on improving the mastery of ice magic, they can travel to the snowy tundra, an area teeming with ice elemental magic. There, players may encounter a yeti, a fierce creature naturally suited to traversing the icy landscape. Players unprepared for extreme conditions will face cold weather-based debuffs and difficult terrain. For survival, players must successfully hunt them down in order to harvest their hides to craft equipment for protection against the cold.


Highly skilled players can extract elemental magic from the fallen yetis to collect their “shards”, which can be combined at special temples to summon… a yeti! Unlike the wild yeti, though, this one won’t try to tear you limb from limb, because it’s completely under their control. Players can set these tamed creatures to defend their valuables, mount them to traverse difficult terrain, or use them to help collect resources and other tasks. Using their yeti companion, players can return to the snowy tundra with their sure-footed yeti as a mount to help them navigate the area and continue exploring for more ice-based resources.

Volcanic Creature

Other kinds of elemental magic include fire, stone, air, light and darkness. Fire magic is generally found in volcanic areas. Lava and magma can be collected to use in forging and casting weapons and tools. Fire magic can also be used as a survival tool in cold climates to retain heat and cook food.

Stone Creature

Stone creatures can be found in craggy areas and blend in almost seamlessly due to their tough, rocky exterior. Combating stone creatures can be tricky due to their high defensive capabilities but they’re incredibly useful for capturing territory and constructing defenses.

Dark and Light also features iconic fantasy creatures, including griffins. Griffins are majestic, adaptable creatures that mainly live in mountainous areas but you may catch a glimpse of them soaring through the clouds of other regions. Griffins can sprint across long distances and pounce on unsuspecting prey with their devastatingly sharp talons. However, their real strength lies in their aerial dominance - with unmatched flying speed and powerful offensive capabilities, a well-organized formation of players astride griffin mounts can easily wipe out an unprepared village.


Within the griffin family lies an especially powerful and legendary griffin, known for its shiny golden feathers and razor sharp claws. This griffin is unique as it draws magic energy from the environment, giving it special abilities more significant compared to other griffins. Known for residing and soaring over the mountains, this griffin is revered by the people of the ancient city for its role in protecting their land from invaders. Not just anyone can hope to command this griffin, though; an ancient pact grants the exclusive right to control the griffin to one of the city’s Lords, a privileged position that’s sure to create a lot of competition.

The creatures in Dark and Light’s world are waiting for players to discover them, but uncovering their magical capabilities will take a lot of research. To help players better understand a creature’s elemental alignment, strengths, and behaviors, the team will release creature bios closer to launch.

Dark and Light will launch on Steam's Early Access this fall. For more information please visit www.playdnl.com.


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