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Exclusive Developer Diary - All the New 5th Job Advancement Skills

Suzie Ford Posted:
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MapleStory is moving in all new directions this summer with a pair of massive updates called Override Evolve and Override Venture. Players will have access to the full line of 5th job advancement skills for every one of the 40+ classes. In our exclusive developer diary, readers get a first-ever look at each class's 5th job advancement skill!

Hold Onto Your Hats! June Brings the 5th Advancement Skills!

Dark Knight - Radiant Evil: Evil Eye reveals itself in front of your character to blast nearby enemies!

Demon Slayer - Spirit of Rage: Sacrifice all of your character’s Fury meter to conjure a malevolent serpent of pure rage that attacks enemies before vanishing.

Evan - Wyrmking’s Breath: In this fusion skill, Evan works together with his dragon, Mir! Evan infuses Mir with magic while Mir uses the Dragon Slam skill, causing Mir to briefly grow bigger and release a blast of elemental energy!

Kanna - Spirit’s Domain: Summon a Spiritstone that amplifies the abilities of you and your party, growing more powerful as it absorbs mana! When the Spiritstone is at full power, all party members within range gain Attack Speed.

Hayato - Iaijutsu Phantom Blade: Deliver a series of unbelievably swift strikes! Each successful strike grants a buff that stacks up to 5 times.

Jett - Suborbital Strike: Call down drones to blast your enemies with a graviton beam! The drones have two modes of operation, and you can switch between them every few seconds. The drones focus on the enemy with the highest Max HP within range.

Beast Tamer - Cub Cavalry: Call a herd of cute critter cubs to come to your aid! The cubs periodically attack multiple times to do damage to surrounding enemies.

Mercedes - Sylvidia's Flight: Ride into battle on Sylvidia, the majestic queen of the unicorns! Activate the skill once to mount up, then again to perform a dash attack. You can also attack from the air!

Phantom - Ace in the Hole: Throw a razor-sharp card infused with incredible power that ricochets dangerously among enemies!

Battle Mage - Altar of Annihilation: Summon an altar of destructive magic! Once you’ve placed two or more altars, the first altar will fire an orb of deadly void energy that travels between the altars, decimating all in its path.

Thunder Breaker - Shark Torpedo: Summon a deadly shark spirit that flies forward, attacking your foes!

Mihile - Sword of Light: Focus the power of your Soul Shield to transform it into the form of the legendary Sword of Light that will strike down your enemies.

Kaiser - Bladefall: Let your Tempest Blades rain down upon the enemy, oozing deadly magma where they land to incinerate enemies!

Angelic Buster - Superstar Spotlight: A real superstar takes their spotlight wherever they go! Enemies are considered unworthy of the spotlight and take damage under its rays, while your own abilities are boosted!

Buccaneer - Lord of the Deep: Call upon the spirit of the dreaded sea serpent that slumbers beneath the savage tides to wrap yourself in a deadly barrier that maims all foes who venture near!

Zero - Twin Blades of Time: Alpha and Beta attack together to demolish the enemy by performing a series of linked attacks!

Night Lord - Shurrikane: Throw a massive shuriken said to have been used by the thieves of old!

Bowmaster - Inhuman Speed: Attack enemies so quickly that you produce afterimages!

Arch Mage (Ice/Lightning) - Bold Barrage: Summon a wall of lightning that pulses forward, electrocuting enemies in its path!

Arch Mage (Fire/Poison) - Poison Nova: Release a poisonous cloud that spreads in all directions, striking nearby enemies! You can detonate the cloud to inflict additional damage.

Paladin - Hammers of the Righteous: Summon a whirling bulwark of righteous hammers to strike down nearby enemies!

Kinesis - Ultimate - Mind Over Matter: Conjure ultra-dense matter out of pure psychic energy, and push it towards the enemy. The matter inflicts damage more quickly as it accelerates!

The Legion System

  • Grow your characters and earn buffs when you join the brand-new Legion System!
  • Open to characters Lv. 60 and above (Lv. 130 and above for Zero characters) who have completed their 2nd job advancement.
  • Eligible characters can become Legion Members and are given specific places on the Synergy Grid. The Synergy Grid has 16 areas, each with its unique stats. If you place a character in that area, you’ll unlock the stat bonus!
  • Each character appears as a specially-shaped block on the Synergy Grid. Depending on their rank, some characters may take up a larger space on the Synergy Grid than others. The more area you control, the more likely you’ll have access to special grid stat bonuses.
  • Use the Synergy Grid like a puzzle to fit your characters (by rotating and flipping their blocks) in just the right way to maximize the stat bonuses you want.
  • As you upgrade your Legion ranking, you can unlock more of the Synergy Grid, and reap even more effects! You can upgrade your Legion ranking by achieving a certain level in Legion, and then paying a fee of Legion Coins.
  • You can earn Legion Coins by joining the Legion Raid, a cooperative battle pitting your Legion Member characters against a fierce dragon and its spawn. Once the battle begins, your Legion Members will start attacking automatically. As you do damage, you’ll earn the Legion Coins needed for advancing your Legion ranking.
  • You can also use Legion Coins to purchase buffs, scrolls, growth potions, and more from the Legion Coin Shop.
  • Depending on how many Legion Coins you earn per week, you may find yourself a spot on the weekly Legion Coin Collector ranking! If you rank within the top 100 characters, you can earn rewards such as the Legion Rank Mount and Legion of Extraordinary Maplers Chair.


Suzie Ford

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