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EXCLUSIVE - Dev Blog #9 – Sandstorm

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Greetings, Riders! It’s BK again, the lead designer for the Riders of Icarus development team at WeMade. I’m here to share details on Sandstorm, our first major content update of the new year! Riders who are looking for a new challenge will encounter a new field raid boss and a high-level solo challenge dungeon. Riders can also look forward to the highly-requested Cross-Server Dungeon Lobby that offers the ability to play with fellow Riders from other servers!

Sandstorm Field Boss

Unlike the existing Raid Bosses such as Attaius and Tranua that have their own instance dungeons, Riders will find Sandstorm in the open desert of Cloying Wastes. Our current raid bosses are located in instance dungeons, therefore, the number of members who can enter at once were limited to just 10 Rider raids. With Sandstorm, there is no limit as to how many can take up the challenge. We recommend that at least 40 Riders fight against this powerful new boss.

Because Sandstorm is designed for many Riders to go against him at once, his attacks are large AoE (Area of Effect) attacks that cover more ground. To minimize the damage of his wide area attacks, Riders must be dedicated to the rules and roles of their party and/or class. Beware his ultimate “Sand Hell” or else you will be annihilated!

Fighting against Sandstorm has its rewards and like other field raid bosses, “raid reward rules” are applied. Sandstorm drops a maximum of five boxes, and depending on the level of contribution from each party, you can receive a drop box. However, the max amount of boxes a party can take is three.

Ellora’s Spire

Ellora’s Spire is a solo dungeon for Riders level 50 and up and can be entered once a day. Each floor of Ellora’s Spire contains various monsters and the dungeon will require many attempts to master each floor. With multiple playthroughs, Riders can hone their strategies and clear each floor quicker.

In the Cloying Wastes, Ellora’s Spire is a massive tower that served as a training camp of the Griffin Knights. They had to conquer the harsh training of Ellora’s Spire to discover their potential and strengthen their abilities. If Riders challenge themselves like the Griffin Knights did, they can become stronger and advance to higher floors.

Those that receive high scores on a weekly or monthly basis will be rewarded with additional items. Riders can also obtain the new legendary familiar Graveno’s mark, mark recipes and materials, and the Challenger’s Coins from Ellora’s Spire. By spending Challenger’s Coins, Riders can purchase useful consumables and equipment items to help them in Ellora’s Spire.

For every fixed floor, an achievement and title can be obtained along with various familiar marks, bracelets, gems and more as drops. If a Rider happen to make it on to the weekly or monthly Top 100, they may obtain a Challenger’s Box I to V - the precise box will be given based on the Rider’s rank. High-ranked Riders can also obtain a unique costume from the Challenger’s Box to show off their accomplishment.

Cross Server Dungeon Lobby

Many from the community requested the ability to play dungeons with their fellow Riders from other servers. In the Sandstorm update, this is now possible via the Cross Server Lobby that makes it easier to find parties. The Cross Sever Dungeon Lobby can be accessed through the “Cross-Server Transit Shrine” located at each dungeon’s entrance. The lobby consists of multiple rooms, and each room has an entrance that is linked to all six-player dungeons available in game.

We hope Riders are ready to brave the new challenges that they will face in the Sandstorm update! The rewards will be great for those eager to take them on! Riders can play the Sandstorm update following our maintenance on January 25. See you in the skies of Hakanas!


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