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EXCLUSIVE: Crusaders of Light - Deep Dive into Classes

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Wouldn’t dealing with the daily grind be so much easier if you could transform yourself into a barbaric badass, a stealthy sniper or an altruistic healer? In Crusaders of Light, coming July 13 (iOS), you can.  In the massive open world of Milura, you can choose from three distinct classes -- fierce Barbarian Warriors, cunning Elven Rangers, and powerful Human Mystics. Moreover, each class has three unique specializations that allow players to choose the best toolkit for the job at hand. And if the job changes, you can easily switch between paths whenever you need to, as many times as necessary.

To help you choose the character best suited for your style of play -- or state of mind -- here is everything you need to know about the character classes in Crusaders of Light:

The Barbarian Warriors

The axe-wielding warrior is the no-nonsense, hit your enemy head-on class for the player who finds an arrow to the skull too subtle. Drawn from a race of brutal barbarians, warriors go toe-to-toe with their foes to protect their allies from the brunt of the boss’s wrath. Brave and true, these rough-and-tumble masters of melee never back down and always come out swinging. Experienced barbarians can learn up to three different fighting styles: the Fang of Titanus, the Gladiator, and the Executioner.

  • Fang of Titanus -- Barbarians who choose the Fang of Titanus specialize in destroying their fellow players in PvP rather than going after massive raid bosses. They excel at manipulating their enemies, deploying cunning debuffs and taking out whole teams with a sweep of their mighty war axes.
  • Gladiator -- Using their bodies as living shields to protect their allies, Gladiators walk off bone-shattering blows that would obliterate lesser beings. The ultimate tank, these barbarians lure their foes into traps laid by their loyal teammates.
  • Executioner -- Executioners train to go toe to toe with the meanest monsters Milura has to offer, dishing out as much punishment as they take. Versatile fighters, Executioners balance the Fang’s devastating strength with the Gladiator’s breath-taking perseverance.

The Elven Rangers

Ever feel like life would be so much better with a loaded longbow and a spectral canine companion at your side? The elven rangers of Milura know exactly what you mean.  Adopting the mantle of the ranger means taking out enemies with headshots from the shadows. Enemies who fall to an elven arrow don’t see it coming until it’s too late, and the last thing they hear is the ghostly howl of the ranger’s man-eating spirit wolf.  Any ranger who lives long enough comes to master up to three different paths with their own specialties: the Forest Guide, the Beast Tamer, and the Scout.

  • Beast Tamer -- Feared by their enemies and loved by their friends, Beast Tamers stand as champions of nature against those who would lay waste to the world. Summoning spectral wolves and marauding crows to their aid, these rangers deal damage and buffs in equal measure.
  • Forest Guide -- Elves who follow the path of the Forest Guide learn to hunt the most dangerous prey--other players. With a variety of traps and debuffs at their disposal, these shadowy figures embody the cruel necessities of survival in the wild.
  • Scout -- Perfectionists by nature, Scouts take their time to find the perfect shot, picking their enemies off one by one at a distance. Cool and unhurried even in the heat of battle, these elves take pride in their deadly craft and their care pays off in massive damage.

The Human Mystics

Last but not least, the mystic is the heart and soul of any team.  Back when the barbarians were hitting rocks with bigger rocks, and the elves were throwing rocks at barbarians, humans were busy unlocking the secrets of the universe. These days the human mystics use their magic to keep their less magical teammates whole, breathing, and not bleeding to death. When a warrior throws himself directly into the boss’s claws, the mystic is on hand to save his hide with a purifying blast--or a horrifying abomination from the void, if the mood strikes. 

Among the mystics, three distinct orders have arisen in dedication to their goddess, Magellana, each with their own schools of magic: the Orders of the Verity Spirit, the Order of Magellana’s Judgment, and the Order of the Shepherd.

  • Verity Spirit -- Striking fear into the enemies of the Goddess, the followers of the Path of the Verity Spirit safeguard the secrets of the universe from those who would abuse them. With the powers of the Void at their disposal, these mystics can slip through time and space, twist the fabric of reality to ensnare their foes, and summon the spirits of the dead to their aid.
  • Magellana’s Judgement -- Those who join the Order of Magellana’s Judgement dedicate their lives to maintaining the fragile balance between the Light and the Void. Destroying with one hand, they heal with the other, making them a fearsome opponent in PvP conflicts.
  • Shepherd -- Shepherds hold all living things as sacred to their goddess, Magellana, and swear to defend her creations unto their dying breath. To uphold their sacred oath, they focus on healing and protecting their allies, resorting to violence only in service of the greater good. More often than not, their infinite mercy can mean the difference between life and death for their allies.

So who will you become? Whether you’re in beast mode, ready to take aim, or feeling one with the spirits, Crusaders of Light has a character for you. Be sure to keep this list close as you get ready to enter Milura and make your choice!  The game will be available as a free download starting July 13th on the App Store, July 20 on Google Play, and will be coming to Facebook Gameroom this summer..  And don’t forget to pre-register--players who do will receive more than $50 worth of in-game gifts and can help unlock the “Fastest Dungeon Raid Competition,” which yields the potential of a $400,000 cash grand prize. NetEase will share more details and rules soon. Pre-register today at https://crusadersoflight.com/


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