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Jade Dynasty, the highly anticipated martial arts MMORPG and third title from Perfect World Entertainment, is now open to the public! Join the quest for immortality today at http://jd.perfectworld.com/.

There will be many items and NPCs that will aid a player during their journey through Jade Dynasty. One tiny magical item that will have a big impact on a player’s experience will be the Esper.

An Esper can first be obtained in Sunstream city from Esper Mystic Shera. After a short quest, players will receive their first Esper, the Trigram. However, players won’t be stuck with this one Esper; there will be many quests to unlock and obtain new ones. But players should keep in mind that the more powerful the Esper, the more difficult it will be to acquire. In addition, certain Espers will only be available to certain factions. The Esper Pandora’s Box is limited only to the Vim, for example.

Esper Mystic Shera

While an Esper exists independently of the player, floating around them like a pet, it is equipped on the character screen just like regular gear. Like equipment, an Esper can add to a player's attributes, including Health, Spirit, Attack Power, Defense, Accuracy and Evasion, as well as improving resistances to Stun, Weaken, Paralyze, Silence and Sleep.

One of the first espers

Once equipped, an Esper will have its own hot bar. Here, a player can control their Esper to aid them in battle. The Esper bar will hold the Esper's skills, as well as display important information like remaining energy and proficiency towards the next level. Once the player obtains a Skyblade(flying mount), its information will also be shown on this bar.

Esper leveling is slightly different from regular character leveling. Each time an Esper uses a skill, it will receive a proficiency point. Players can see how close their Esper is to a new level on the orange proficiency bar. Esper attributes increase as they level, and occasionally may unlock secret bonus attributes. An Esper's maximum level will be increased by one for every five character levels.

Players will also have the opportunity to improve their existing Espers, either through Catalyzing or Bloodsmelting. Catalyzing is improving and refining an existing Esper with materials found in the world, while Bloodsmelting is combining two Espers to get a new one with better attributes. The Bloodsmelting process will sometimes cause the Esper to mutate into an entirely new Esper.

Espers are a powerful tool. They can even be used to control a player in combat. By using the Esper's Invigorate function, the Esper will take control of a character’s body and will focus solely on attacking the monsters around them and picking up any items that drop. The Esper has a number of filter options to keep the player in a specific area, only kill certain monsters, or only pick up certain items. In this state, the Esper can also automatically use health and spirit recovery items if they are available.

Espers will become a valuable tool on your quest for immortality. Use them well and wisely to unlock new skills and win battles you thought impossible.


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