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Episode 2 Information

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Cabal Online - Episode 2 Information

The folks from Games Masters, the company behind the European version of Cabal Online, have sent over this developer journal with detailed information on the changes that came as a part of the Episode 2 update.

CABAL Online Episode 2 firmly stamps CABAL‘s position as one of the best free-to-play games on the market. With key developments to both the PvP and PvE aspects of the game, episode 2 provides much needed balance and enjoyment for players of the game and has seen a significant boost to both registered and CCU users.

So why has the update been so significant in the development of the game? Each user you ask would probably give you a different answer, however key changes to the balancing of the game and the addition of much needed features to make PvP worthwhile have been vital in improving enjoyment levels. In addition with 170 levels now available, it has meant that the game has much needed longevity, allowing players to enjoy the game for years to come.

The main features of the update can be seen below, numbered 1-6.

Main Features of the update:

  • Brand new war system and map (known as Tierra Glorisa)
  • Brand new hunting ground (known as Pontum Ferris)
  • Brand new skill level, which includes new skills and “buffs“
  • Raise of the level cap to level 170 (previously 150)
  • Game balancing – developers have brought all international versions inline to enable easier development of the game. Most importantly this means that there has been a balancing process of the classes, most notably in the role of critical damage.

The Next Update

  • Chaos Arena
  • Guild Board System

Brand New War System

Located on a separate channel, the war system is opened up once a day to allow 250 players to fight it out for prizes, pride and honour points. Weekly battles take place at 1800 GMT each day and players are rewarded depending on their personal score. Once a week there is a larger nation battle. Not only does this bring personal gain to the player, but the winning nation will experience a boost to stats and access to „cool“ features such as ability to transport to certain maps. These effects last on the normal servers until the following weeks war.

The Que system ensures a balanced contest, only allowing additional numbers of players to enter if the sides are evenly matched (in terms of numbers). The war is between the two major nations on CABAL Online; Capella and Procyon (players decide at level 95 which nation they wish to join). The winning side is the one who either aquires all points on the map OR has the highest score after 90 minutes.

Brand New Hunting ground

  • Open to players of level 140 and above
  • Requires players to gain an entry item before entering
  • Inside the map you will find levelling areas, but also „boss“ monsters for groups or guilds to battle and defeat.

Brand New Skill Level

CABAL Online has a unique skill system whereby players are requied to gain skill experience points to level up their skill level. This update has added a brand new skill level and provided new offensive and buff skills for players to gain.

Each class has been given two new offensive skills. This includes an attack skill and also „stun“ skill.

Each class has been provided with several new buffs .

The skill system has also been balanced, including a slight change to the values of skill points players require to level to the next skill level. Details can be found here.

Rising of the maximum level

  • Old maximum level 150
  • New maximum level 170
  • Significant increase in the time it now takes to hit the maximum level.
  • Quests, equipment and hunting grounds have been added for these new levels.

Game Balancing

  • This is another difficult area to describe, however the game has been adapted so that item stats and game mechanics identically match that of the Korean version.
  • This has included changes to the way certain features work, e.g. dummies, critical damage, calculations of damage, drop rates, crafting rates and the difficulty of certain monsters.

Full list can be seen here.

Guild Board system

Connected to the CABAL Online website the guild board enables players to create a community page, which among other things has a daily message, description of the guild, ability to make articles for discussion, shows a list of guild members and their stats and enables the uploading of a guild emblem. Certain features are accessible in the game , i..e the daily message will show in-game. While others are primarily for the website. Currently in testing. Full details can be found here.

Chaos Arena

  • Currently in testing in Korea
  • The map is an arena which is for groups. Once you enter the arena mobs will spawn. The aim? Kill the monsters and stay alive.
  • You must stay alive for 25 minutes, while several monsters of differing difficulty levels are spawned.
  • The final monster will be a „boss“ monster. Players who successfully defeat this monster will gain handsome rewards.
  • Entry items are required and up to 20 players will be able to enter this map at a time. Again this is under development and more details will follow shortly.

Closing points

  • The update was downloaded in several smaller patches, beginning in December (increase to maximum level and new hunting ground) and ending with the new features in February (namely the war system, guild board and new skills)
  • The update has changed many of the basic features of the game, allowing for a balance for certain classes which perhaps was not present before. In addition to this balancing, several new mechanics and features have been introduced to ensure maximum enjoyment for players.
  • Part of this „balancing“ has meant returning to the „roots“, i.e. the game is once again a carbon copy of it’s Korean partner. This will invariably aid the developers in future additions.
  • Registration levels and numbers logging into the game has dramatically increased.
  • The update has also seen the addition of new quests; both for veterans and beginners and provided longevity with the increase of the level cap and content for it.
  • New features are planned in the next few months as the game continues to develop.


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