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Welcome back Aura Kingdom adventurers!

Today we’re taking a look at some of the places that you’ll visit as you journey through Terra. Here’s a small taste of the many varied locations you’ll encounter.

Port Skandia: Tranquil and picturesque, you’ll begin your adventure in this small fishing village after waking from an ominous, demon-filled nightmare. Port Skandia provides a stark contrast to this opening, dialing down in intensity as the early quests take you in and around the pleasant outskirts of town. It won’t be long, however, before your destiny as an Envoy of Gaia begins to emerge and you are joined by your very first Eidolon companion.

Helonia Coast: All sorts of exotic odds and ends find their way to Helonia Coast’s black market. Not surprisingly, the zone is considered by many to be “pirate central.” Most of the quests you’ll find in the area will be pirate-related, including an amusing quest chain that will involve tricking the scallywags and drawing them out with fake treasure—the one thing they can’t resist!

Candeo Marsh: Welcome to a darker, moodier zone than the others you’ve visited thus far. Candeo Marsh is home to the snake-like race known as the Sarpa. The marsh is made more perilous by recent activities that have tainted the Sarpa’s water supply, making the normally reclusive race hostile and aggressive. It’ll be up to you to reverse the corruption and set things straight.

This is just a sneak peek of what’s in store, but we will have plenty more zones for you to trek through when Aura Kingdom launches! 


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