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Enter the Gate of Darkness

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Hey Gang, the Elsword team is here to discuss just how to jump straight out of the furnace and into the inferno via the new Gate of Darkness. We could call this a revamp, but we wouldn’t be giving this update any justice. This isn’t a revamp; this is a complete bat-out-of-hell overhaul.

What once was, is no more. What players would have seen in an old Gate of Darkness Dungeon was a limited weekend access, multi-tiered, survivor style baddy slay-fest. Even though this was a popular feature, the old Gate of Darkness just didn’t follow the true nature of what the Elsword experience is all about. The in-your-face experience players get with the new infernalicious Gate of Darkness is a Tower-Defense style hellborn epic. All demonically nefarious word-play aside, this 4 player co-op Event Dungeon has some remarkable new mechanics that our Elpeeps have never seen before.

First and foremost, the Gate of Darkness is now accessible 24/7 via a new randomized access event. When the Boss is defeated in certain Dungeons, there’s a chance that a spinning purple Orb of Darkness tears in to existence prompting the group to accept entry to the Gate of Darkness. And, if that wasn’t cool enough (Ha! Get it… hell isn’t cool… sorry, that won’t happen again.), if you don’t have a full, 4 player group some classic heroes from Elrios lore will jump in to aid in your plight. These aren’t scrub, filler NPC’s either. These guys hit like a medieval freight train and they’ll carry their own weight.

Once immersed into all that is the Gate of Darkness, you’ll be engaging the dark denizens of the deep on a single, even tiered battlefield. Prior to the fight, one should take note of the icons and hotkeys across the bottom, left-hand side of the screen. These hot-keys deploy a number of different Attack and Defense style units that aid in your fight. Typical tower defense ideals will reign true: When you have space, or you need some backup, summon your heavy or quick DPS Attack Units. However, the dark ones will return the favor en masse, so you must prepare your Defensive units to block and defend as well. All of these units are on a cool-down timer, so managing your units, and keeping your hide intact will be extremely challenging.

Man-to-Man, this seems like a fair fight; right?... Well, hell hath no fury like a fiendish overlord waiting for his own curtain call. This wouldn’t be an Elsword Event Dungeon without at least one big, bad boss. Out of nowhere a colossal demon enters the arena with a big ol’ chip on his shoulders. Heaped on with every other raging hell being pouring through that Gate, this beast may very well obliterate any chance you have of closing the Gate of Darkness for good, or will Elrios have to call on some epic heavy-hitters of her own?

Why put yourself through this kind of hell? Because you love pain as much you love to dish it out! But, if that’s not a good enough reason on its own, there are also some awesome new Gate of Darkness specific weapons, armor and other forms of high-end rewards. Come check out the all new Gate of Darkness. With varying degrees of difficulty based on which Dungeons you’d normally crawl, you’re going to need all the help you can get.  

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