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Enter 'A New Era of Skills'

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Hey Gang, it’s autumn, and everywhere you look the trees are changing. But it looks like Elsword’s skill tree is pushing this “change” thing to the limit! In Elsword, it’s more like Spring came early this year—the skill tree is pushing out new leaves and transforming into something greater than ever before.

Get ready to enter “A New Era of Skills”. It’s an era of more skill tree options, more improvements, and of course, brand new skills to put the hurt on your enemies.

Let’s get to the best stuff first. Every class is getting brand new skills to more fully realize their character’s varied strategies. For example, Trapping Ranger will have a host of new trapping abilities, such as a new poison trap or the malevolent new “Thorn Vine Trap” that blankets the ground with deadly immobilizing brambles. You want better crowd control? You got it. Or if you just want to make a big impact on the party, try Deadly Chaser’s “Quantum Ballista”. Paint a target on your opponent and call in the artillery strike of...one…giant…missile. Your foes will beg for mercy. If new skills weren’t enough, six of the classes are also getting massive skill improvements. Skills that needed a little more oomph in the past are in the forefront now. For example, Blade Master’s “Flying Impact” now hurls Raven directly towards your foes like a human shuriken.

While you’re exploring all the new skills and enhancements at your disposal, you’ll also have the incredibly rare opportunity to completely re-spec your character’s build. It’s a chance to snag some of those new skills, unless you’re simply too attached to the old ones. Even navigating the skill tree is easier than before. The choices and trade-offs between skills are now shown in a more straight-forward way. Take choosing between a skill that tosses one big grenade or one that scatters a handful of mini-grenades. These decisions are much easier now that you can compare skills side to side.

Are you ready for this new era? An era where you have more choices, better choices, and it’s a lot easier to make them? We’re already loving it here. Join the New Era on Nov. 6.

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