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Echoes from the Past & Bright Future - Gloria Victis is Better Than Ever!

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A lot has happened in the Gloria Victis development over the last few months. One of the most important changes, crucial for the game’s open world PvP and non-target combat formula, is the recently applied huge synchronization & controller update.

Players can now wage war with much more smooth and responsible controller, so in effect the battles are now even more skill-based and immersive. Also, this particular update has added the First-Person view as well!

Moreover, players can now see new face of the Azebian nation. These nomads have united together with Sangmarians and countless other tribes under the banner of the Sangmar Empire in order to stop the threat coming from hordes of Midlandic and Ismirean barbarians who had refused to pay tribute to the Emperor and benefit from living in glory of his impressing dominion. Now they are invading his vast belongings; piles of corpses and mourning mark their road of terror. Yet, even though Aurelian the Magnificent – who truly deserved his name after all his campaigns against the rebellious barbarian warlords – is dying from wounds taken in the last victorious battle, the Empire is not going to give up!

The Sangmar Empire, designed after the Byzantine Empire with Roman influences, has come with a new breathtaking location – Baalhammon, the city of countless lights and oasis of art and wisdom. There is also completely new storyline: the questlines will take you to a journey of rebellion, terrors of war and sacrifice paid in order to bring the Empire back to its’ glory. Of course, there is also brand new equipment, as well as new locations to conquer and benefit from developing them.

Fighting over locations, being part of the game’s territory control system, has also been refined due to recent update of the Glory system – a ranking of the individual players. Since the update, the main focus is put on the player’s activity and their contribution towards their nation in the open world PvP. Outnumbered by the overwhelming enemy forces? Hold your ground and take your place among the legendary heroes and warlords whose names are carved in stone, not to mention precious rewards for the top players of each season! Don’t sit at home – bring war to your enemies!

One of new location to fight over is Hordun Temple – a place of rich history which reaches back to the ancient times, when pagan beliefs were strong and the children of the Forefather had yet to fight for their place in the world. Countless generations of the Ismirean priests of Hordun have dedicated their lives to keep the holy Tree of Balance alive, feeding it with blood of captives taken during the annual oversea raids done by the warriors of Nordheim. Yet, due to the ongoing war against the Sangmar Empire and broken treat with Midlanders, who have mercilessly exterminated all Ismirs in the city of Tenebrok, not enough sacrifices are being made and the holy tree is now far away from its’ days of glory.

Speaking of new locations, it’s a necessity to mention the recently added duel arenas. From now on, players can practice their combat skills in controlled environment right next to their nation’s capital city. Also, the very next few updates will bring the arena ranking, so the best duelists of the Gloria Victis world will gain their fame through ranked fights. But that’s not the only leaderboard which players can expect in the nearest future – guilds ranking will come to life as well!

On top of that, the Gloria Victis’ players have just received a huge update of the passive abilities. It has to be done in order to move closer towards finishing the database migration to the new system but it also was a perfect opportunity to improve and expand the abilities themselves. First of all, from now on they are grouped in a skill tree where each subsequent ability can be unlocked by investing progress points in the preceding ability. There are also triggers – abilities which initiate special actions after completing specified requirements, i.e. successfully landing 5 headshots in given time will be rewarded with a buff. There are 19 new abilities too so if a one always wanted to customize their character even more to finally get that perfect build – now they can!

The abilities update has also introduced the first iteration of the support tree with several abilities improving the player’s first aid skills. However, the possibilities of roleplaying a battle medic in the brutal medieval world will be soon expanded with planned update to the Gloria Victis’ complex crafting system. In the very next few updates players can expect 2 completely new crafting branches: cooking and herbalism, both allowing them to specialize even more as a support of the unit, be it either battle medic or field cook.

With all these changes, players can now immerse much more into the world of Gloria Victis and become who they want to be, gaining the fame in their own way. In total, they now have lots of new opportunities to challenge themselves and prove their skills in a living, medieval open world.


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