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Dungeon Preview - The Polaris

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As the thick fog rolled back out across the Kingsmouth harbour, leaving death and silence in its wake, you’d think the worst was over. That was not the case. As the fog rolled out, a large cargo ship thought lost at sea, the Polaris, rolled in.

Covered in red sea-weed, the huge ship coasted silently through the mist and ran aground off the shores of Solomon Island. With it came the unfortunate crews of lost ships known among sea-farers only as the draug. Now these aquatic corpse-horrors are milling out of the enormous hull like ants from an anthill, preying on the carcass of Kingsmouth and her surroundings.

If anything is ever going to get back to normal, if Kingsmouth’s white picket fences are ever going to sparkle in the morning dew again, somebody will have to do something.

And this is where the agents of the secret societies come in. Only those blessed with the power of the bees have the fortitude required to deal with the threat posed by the dark ghost ship and its crazed crew.

Entering Priest Island alone is a recipe for disaster, and players will need to rely on each other and the old adage of safety in numbers as they venture towards the brink of both Solomon Island and their own sanity.

Flown in by the black helicopters of the Orochi Group, they will have to deal with both zombies and draug viciously protecting the site and their commanders before they can enter the very belly of the beast casting its morbid shadow across the shoals.

Navigating the narrow crevices and perilous paths of the island, they will have to watch their step at all times. Fallen power lines crackle with ungrounded electricity, and even a shallow pool of water can become a death trap. Large metal containers fallen from the ship’s deck lie scattered across the beach, creating a maze with dangers around every corner. And all the while, General Cta-tha is sending his loyal soldiers out to impede our heroes’ progress before he steps up to finish the job himself.

But all that is nothing but a prelude to the danger that lurks inside the vast hull of the ship. From his lair inside the Polaris, the Primordial is the brain of the draug offensive and the force that drives them relentlessly out to pick clean the bones of Solomon Island.

The Primordial is an enemy that will keep his assailants on their toes through every phase of this nerve-wrecking encounter. Players will need a keen sense of awareness, fast reactions, and a balanced set of abilities and attacks to deal with his vast amount of helpers and tricks, and he will test both the nerve and skill of those courageous enough to step into his heart of darkness.

If fortunate enough to get out on the other side, players are lifted out in the helicopter that brought them in. From above they can watch the monstrous wreck underneath as they pat each other on the back for a job well done.

Until the ultimate horror rises from the deep for one last twist in the tale.

Welcome to the Polaris.


Guest Writer