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Dragon Storm Fantasy Lets You Become The Dragon (Sponsored)

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Become the Dragon and experience World Class, cross-server battles in Dragon Storm Fantasy. This new mobile RPG brings an unforgettable storyline to players, as well as intense PvP, challenging bosses and more all rendered in full 3D on your mobile device!

Players assume the role of The Chosen One and are guided by the Divine Dragon on a quest to get the divine soul legacy. This will let you turn yourself into a divine dragon and save Arcus. A massive story using a stage and chapter approach to its storytelling, players will work through over 720 different stages in the main storyline, complete with cutscenes and thousands of voice-acted scenes throughout the story.

Players will be able to transform into a unique Divine Dragon, embracing the different Dragons themselves and their distinctive styles, such as Fire, Frost, Light, Darkness, Time, Life and Space. Each Dragon brings its own unique style to the fight, such as the Life Dragon which can help you last longer in battle, or Fire who can fight in the front row of a fight as a solid form of DPS.

As you progress through the story as well you’ll fight boss battles where you and players from your server will need to work together to defeat a boss as part of the story. This fight for Dragon City is crucial to both the storyline behind Dragon Storm Fantasy, but also to show players on other servers that your server is on top.

Throughout the story, you’ll uncover the mysterious world of Arcus, beautifully rendered in 3D with its artwork being inspired by Western fantasy settings. Narrated by the player’s character, Dragon Storm Fantasy feels much like a novel in how players progress through the story, culminating in massive boss battles and PvP fights to determine the fate of Arcus.

Dragon Storm Fantasy features Server vs Server World Class PvP battles, and you can choose to join in epic World vs World, Server vs Server as well as massive 10,000 vs 10,000 player battles and wage war against other players. Prefer to go solo? You can do so as well in Dragon Storm Fantasy’s survival arena!

Along the way, you might need allies. Thankfully, in Dragon Storm Fantasy you can make alliances and gather your friends to help meet any challenge that comes up! You’ll be tested to your limits, as powerful foes such as the massive World Bosses stand in your way to greatness, but with your friends, you can overcome the challenge. And with great risk will come great rewards – rewards you can use or trade.

Players drive the economy in Dragon Storm Fantasy. You can even gain resources while you’re not online to ensure you can remain competitive without the need to always be logged in 24/7. Items themselves are common or rare and drop frequently, giving you plenty of chances to buy and sell equipment and items and drive the economy forward!

Players can also join guilds and climb the leaderboards in PvP. You can build your guild up a few different ways, such as upgrading buildings, contributing to your guild with donations, and more. Additionally, you and your guild can take on PvP battles and rise through the ranks taking the top spot of the leaderboards in PvP and gaining some serious bragging rights.

Dragon Storm Fantasy’s immersive story, unique art style, fully 3D presentation and massive PvP battles are only the tip of the iceberg. From the story to the immense and epic battles, this game is sure to scratch your mobile MMO itch. Be sure to give Dragon Storm Fantasy a try as it’s currently available now on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. So jump in today and take on the role of The Chosen Hero!


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