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Dragon Storm Fantasy - Become The Dragon (SPONSORED)

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Dragon Storm Fantasy is a mobile 3d fantasy battling game that allows players to experience a sprawling, unfolding story while it pits players against each other in epic PvP combat. Using a fully 3d engine, along with beautiful lighting and shadow effects, Dragon Storm Fantasy puts you in a dark and beautiful fantasy world. You can pre-register for Dragon Storm Fantasy here.

As the Chosen One, you are guided by the Divine Dragon on a quest to obtain the divine soul legacy, turning yourself into a divine dragon to fight and save Arcs. During your quest you’ll experience dual-form gameplay: transforming between human and dragon forms, as well as controlling different forms of dragon to unlock new abilities and gameplay styles.

While other fantasy games often overlook its story, Dragon Storm Fantasy unfolds the story before you through flashbacks, giving you the feeling of a memory. Narrated from the player’s perspective, the game narrates the story of both the character and the land itself – returning to the memories of the past, exploring the story’s events. This gives Dragon Storm Fantasy a novel feel, presenting the story more clearly. Each dragon themselves also has its own background story, taking inspiration from Western European dragon stories.

As a result, Dragon Storm Fantasy uses a stage and chapter approach versus your traditional MMO open-world maps. The main story of the game is broken into chapters and stages, with the plot being progressed by Korean fantasy style of art helping to establish the world, with the narration giving the player the greatest immersive fantasy experience.

The art style of Dragon Storm Fantasy, the artwork was inspired by prominent Western style dragons, with the horns and spikes all over their bodies. Because of this influence the armor of Dragon Storm Fantasy includes these influences. Additionally, the armor itself has a polished, elegant look allowing for more special effects being injected into the armor. The color used are deeper and more vivid than equipment found in other games on the market, making them more eye-catching.


Equipment is made with strong contrasts, allowing you to know at a glance what is higher leveled equipment. The higher saturation used in the game’s art style also allows the armor to stand out in darker environments – or in the case of armor transformations they are more prominently shown. Because of this, the different classes – mage, warrior and archer classes – can stand out more with the equipment effects, showing off their development over the course of their journey.

As far as classes go, our team started with the three types of classes everybody knows and loves, but as development progressed the team took their own path. We integrated the overall theme of the experience: the dragon. Each class has three different transformations, and as a result the class development became both pluralistic and varied. For example, the Hero class – the Warrior – can turn into the Life Dragon to last much longer in battle. The Fire Dragon can fight in the front row being a great form of DPS.

Dragon Storm Fantasy includes 720 different stages to go through in the main storyline, complete with cutscenes and thousands of voice-acted scenes. Gradually, players will uncover the story of the dragons, completing three different epic campaigns in the story of Arcs: the Divine and Demon Realm War, The War of Honor Valley and Miracle Forest’s “Light & Shadow.” Players take the role of The Chosen as they write their own epic story through the ages.

When you’ve been on the server long enough, players can enter a spacetime fracture created by the Time Divine Dragon to take part in battles across servers against other players. This PvP battle is also integral to the story, as players will be competing with the other servers to take down the Boss before the other servers – the fight for Dragon City reflects favorably on the victorious server!

Dragon Storm Fantasy’s immersive story, multiple game modes, unique art style and PvP help to make it stand out among other purchase-based mobile MMOs on the market. So give Dragon Storm Fantasy a try and jump into the role of The Chosen today!


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