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DLGamer Extends Holiday Cheer with Fantastic Deals (SPONSORED)

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If you want to keep the holiday cheer going, then be sure to stop by DLGamer, the official retailer for Guild Wars 2, to check out a screaming deal on a Heart of Thorns + Path of Fire combo pack for 40% off. If you already own one or the other, you can pick up either Heart of Thorns (33% off) or Path of Fire (33% off). Those are just a couple of examples of how you can save big money on some of today's best games.

Guild Wars 2 deals

But Wait! There's More!

While you're visiting DLGamer, be sure to check out another fantastic price reduction on the Deluxe Edition of Monster Hunter: World.

DLGamer doesn't stop there. You can check out other "hot deals" that include big savings on titles like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Alien Isolation: The COllection, Batman Arkham City GotY Edition, BattleTech Digital Deluxe Edition, Bioshock Infinite, Bayonetta and many others.

Head on over to DLGamer and treat yourself or someone else to a great game at a great price.


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