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Developer Diary #2: : Bloodbristle Heath

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Today I will introduce you to the story of Bloodbristle Heath, which is confirmed to be Zone 2, and additional modifications currently made in MYTHOS. First of all, I will talk about Bloodbristle Heath’s background story.

Bloodbristle Heath: Base of Goblins

Belligerent Goblins have been fighting and looting the civilized races in Uld and even among themselves. Bloodbristle Heath has become a wasteland because of these Goblins. The remains of the kingdom known as the “Fortress of Hope” is located in the outskirts of this area. Most of the kingdom has been destroyed and only the last fortress remains, vulnerable, on top of the mountain. When adventurers visit the fortress, people who struggle there will tell them stories about the ancient kingdom and wars of Goblins.

There are two major factions of Goblins: Shadowsaps and Gorestains. The adventurer must get rid of both factions. However, even the toughest adventurer would not be able to kill all the ruthless Goblins by himself.

An unknown God that adventurers meet in Greenreach will tell of a plot for getting rid of Goblin factions in a very effective way. The unknown God’s plot is to make Shadowsaps and Gorestains detest each other so they would wage war against one another. When the adventurers accomplish the unknown God’s mission, a massive war between the major Goblin factions will be started. The adventurers must then jump into the middle of the battle field and slay the Goblins. (Note that the unknown God’s identity will be revealed in Zone 4: Mist of Horror)

When all Goblins are eliminated, the God of Goblins will appear before the adventurers. Being outraged by the adventurers slaying his children, the God of Goblins attacks the adventurers, and they become helpless in front of the God’s mighty power. However, strangely, the God of Goblins stops his attack on the verge of the adventurers’ death.

After the God calms himself down, he realizes the other God is behind of all these events and the adventurers are only being used in the scheme. The God of Goblins decides to use the adventurer’s power instead of simply killing him out of spite, and gives his Totem to the adventurers. The first mission the adventurers receive from the Totem is visiting the “Doom Pen.” In order to accomplish the mission from the God of Goblins, the adventurers take their adventure to “Doom Pen.”


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