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Developer Diary #1: Stonehill Grove

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Stonehill Grove is the largest civilized city in Uld, located on an enormous rocky mountain between Greenreach and Bloodbristle Heath. When Stonehill grove was first founded, it contained only Human inhabitants. However, due to the Discordia, many other races that lost their dwellings came and settled in the city. Now Stonehill Grove is a large city composed of all the Civilized Races.

It is impossible to navigate to Stonehill Grove through regular roads – adventurers are only able to travel here by using a magical gate. Stonehill Grove is connected to the Stonehill sanctuary in Greenreach. Adventurers can enter Stonehill Grove from the Stonehill sanctuary through a special magical gate.

The outskirts of Stonehill Grove consist of high and rugged mountains. The mountainous terrains near Greenreach are filled with lush green woods, and rugged canyons adorn the nearby areas of Bloodbristle Heath. There is an airship station near the town gates of Stonehill Grove where airships are always available for adventurers and residents who wish to travel to other places.

The many fortresses that make up the city are reminiscent of a medieval castle. They appear to be strong enough to protect residents from the many threats of Discordia. Since many of the various Civilized Races live in this castle, it is a lively and active environment. Most of the buildings inside and outside of the castle are built using architecture styles from the Human civilization, with some building styles from other races integrated into the design.

In the center of Stonehill Grove, a massive park is available where many residents can gather and share stories. Commercial districts with various merchants and military districts are lined around the park.

Stonehill Grove is where many important Uld events occur. Many quests will start from here and take players on journeys to other places. Also, there will be various devices that adventurers can enjoy. These will be placed all around Stonehill Grove and players will be able to enjoy battles and other different adventures.


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