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Developer Diary #1

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New Website Goes Live

StarQuest Online now shines in a new look. The publisher neXeon has been working on a complete overhaul of the old website. The new website is now linking properly to the different sections, is linked to the forums so that it shows the newest posts made in the forum. In addition the new SQO Alerts section of the website shows the latest announcements posted by the DevTeam. The newly added screenshots as well as a new, user friendly, menu bar complete the design. The new website now also integrates several other pages, such as the Galactopedia, the forums and even a newly created StarQuest Online Web Blog, maintained by neXeon and the Developers of SQO.

Forums have been updated

The SQO forums also received a major update. Not only has the forum version been updated from vBB 3.9 to vBB 4.0, additionally a new style for the forums has been published as well. The new forum style on which has been worked by neXeon for a long time has been exclusively made for the SQO forums and has been designed to work specifically with the new forums. Additionally the new forums have been integrated into the new SQO website. This new feature allows users to open the forums right on the main SQO website without being redirected to a new website. Any important links such as Account Management, Galactopedia, the Game Manual, etc. are still easily accessible.

A New SQO Blog

neXeon Technologies has also made another addition to the new SQO website and the new forums: A SQO Blog has been created and can be found on the main SQO website shortly. The new Blog will give an insight into what the developers are currently working on but will also keep the community posted about patches, new additions to the game or any other important and useful information. The Blog has also been linked to a Twitter account, specifically made for SQO in order to “spread the word” throughout the net. In addition some players, such as faction leaders, etc. may be given access to post on the Blog important news and information regarding their faction to make it easily accessible to everyone.

SQO goes Twitter

An official Twitter Account has been created for StarQuest Online. The Twitter Account is linked to the SQO web blog and to the SQO Facebook page and will be used to tweet news and announcements about SQO through the net. Anyone interested in following SQO on Twitter can do so, by following the user sqonet. Since the SQO Twitter account is linked to Facebook and to the SQO blog, everything tweeted, can be found on the blog and on Facebook as well.

SQO Facebook Page Online

An official Facebook Page has been created for StarQuest Online. On the page the newest Screenshots, Information and Game Updates can be found. In addition players, potential players and interested people can talk about the game and engage in discussions. Especially for current and former players discussions have been created, allowing them to voice their opinion about the game and make suggestions and recommendations.

Everyone who is currently playing, has played or is interested in SQO is more than encouraged to join the page and engage in discussions, provide information, screenshots, reviews and everything else related to the game. Membership to the page is open for everyone and not just for current SQO players. The group can be found by searching for StarQuestOnline or by following this link.

What else is planned?

Now that the work on the new website and the forums has been completed, Marketing will be the next thing on the list done by neXeon. Several different opportunities and ways of marketing are currently being investigated and developed. Some first steps can now already be seen by looking at the newly created Blog, the Twitter Account or the Facebook page. In addition new information has been sent to several gaming pages, to get SQO added on these pages or present – sometimes outdated information – updated.

With the next update coming out later this month, we will report about these new methods and what has been done to increase the publicity and population of SQO. We will also look at two new factions of which one has been added to the game already and another that is about to be added to the game shortly. This said there is enough reason to look forward to the next report brought to you! Have a great day everyone!


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