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Dev Journal Part Two, Faction Gear Sneak Peek

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Fallen Earth: Dev Journal Part Two, Faction Gear Sneak Peek

Fallen Earth Lead Game Designer Lee Hammock continues our series of Fallen Earth developer journals with this sneak peek at Vista and Tecs faction gear in the upcoming post-apocalyptic MMO.

Hey all, I’m Lee Hammock, the lead game designer on Fallen Earth taking over for Circatrix this week on our dev journal. Last week we posted screen shots of some of the faction gear for the Children of the Apocalypse and the Enforcers, so this week we move on to the Vistas and the Techs.

The Vistas are masters of the natural world in Fallen Earth. The Vistas work to protect what remains of the environment from any harm that may befall it while working to restore what they can of the ecologies of the old world. They are experts in hunting, farming, ranching, animal training and camouflage. They are the leading agricultural power in the Grand Canyon Province. Many enemies underestimate them due to their interest in non-combat matters, but such enemies rarely last past the first Vista ambush. Mobile, quiet, and determined, the Vistas rarely fight in the open, preferring guerilla warfare tactics that play to their strengths. They avoid heavy armor and weapons, preferring mobility and stealth over protection. Their equipment is made of wool, cotton, and other natural materials with most of the metal parts coming from salvage.

The first two Vistas and the fourth from the left are representative of the farmers, ranchers, biologists/botanists and recyclers. The double barreled shotgun held by the farmer on the left is one of the more common weapons found among the Vistas; while they are expert shots, the Vistas lack the technological skills to produce advanced firearms. Instead they rely on simpler but more reliable weapons like double barreled and pump action shotguns and bolt action rifles.

The Vista on the far right is representative of one of the many Vista Rangers who work to keep their fellows safe from the threats of the Grand Canyon Province. Lightly armored but fast-moving, Rangers are usually mounted and sometimes have trained animals that assist them. The Vista in the middle is representative of a Trustee, the first of the officer ranks of the Vista.

Fallen Earth Screenshot

The Techs are the opposite end of the spectrum, pursuing the knowledge of the old world with little concern for the price that must be paid to reclaim it. They work to find lost caches of pre-Fall equipment, conduct experiments, and repair broken down remains of the world before the Fall. They are experts in science, engineering, metallurgy and genetics. The Techs are the leading industrial force of the Grand Canyon Province, producing guns, computers and other advanced gear. Like the Vistas, the Techs are sometimes underestimated due to their interest in furthering science rather than combat training, but this is a mistake rarely made twice. The Techs use their technological advantage to great effect in combat, always sporting the best weapons, armor, and support equipment. Armed with everything from assault rifles to Tesla hammers, they are a force to be reckoned with. Most tech equipment is made out of advanced materials like alloy steels, titanium, kevlar and synthetic cloth.

The second, fourth, and fifth Techs from the left are examples of standard Techs decked out in exploration or research gear. These outfits are designed for protection, storage, and utility. Unlike other factions who are primarily concerned with blades or bullets, the Techs also build their armor to protect from radiation, disease, and other threats. The sword wielded by the Tech on the far right is a good example of the high-tech nature of even melee weapons built by the Techs.

The first Tech on the left is an example of a Daedalan, the Tech militant sub-faction that refuses to hide behind the Enforcers. The Tech in the middle is wearing a full suit of Tech combat armor, which is designed to protect against a myriad of threats. The scoped assault rifle is a common choice among the elite soldiers of the Techs.

For more information on Fallen Earth, visit our web site at www.fallenearth.com. Stay tuned for our third dev journal on faction gear with screenshots!

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