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Dev Journal Part Three: Travelers and Lightbearers

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Fallen Earth: Dev Journal Part Three - Travelers and Lightbearers

In the third part of our developer journal series from our friends over at Icarus Studios, the makers of the upcoming MMORPG Fallen Earth. In this journal, the team gives us a look at the Travelers and the Lightbearers.

Last week we posted images of the gear used by the nature-oriented Vistas and the science-obsessed Techs, and this week we move on to the Travelers and the Lightbearers.

The Travelers exist in the junction between traveling performers, underworld crime bosses, and used car salesmen. Their primary concern is money and trade, and they will go to great lengths to make a profit, even if some legs have to get broken in the process. The Travelers believe that trade in and of itself is a worthwhile goal, as it allows people to trade what they have for what they need, and the Travelers want some portion of that transaction. While most Traveler operations are concerned with trading, entertainment, or servicing the various vices that survived the apocalypse, they also have more than a few less pleasant activities. Assassination, extortion, and flat-out robbery are all part of Traveler operations. Travelers avoid standup fights where possible since they are rarely profitable, preferring a knife in the back or a silenced pistol to a fight where their enemies can see them coming. Through trade and their own handiwork, the Travelers are well equipped with a variety of new and salvaged equipment.

The Travelers are divided into eight families, each with its own particular trade and focus. The first Traveler on the left is an example of the Vegas family, which concentrates on alcohol and gambling; they were also the ones who brought the poker chip currency to the Grand Canyon Province. The second Traveler is an example of the Moros family, which once formed the criminal underground of Hoover Dam before it was ransacked in the CHOTA revolt. The third Traveler is an example of a high-ranking Traveler, probably of the Brenhauer family. The fourth Traveler is an Orphan, the Traveler family most closely tied with the CHOTA. The last Traveler is a member of the Black Hood Gang, which serves as the muscle for the Travelers when brute force is called for. The enigmatic Cleaners, the assassins of the Travelers, are not so careless as to be caught in a picture.

Opposing the Travelers are the Lightbearers, a monastic order of healers, mutants, and warriors. While the Lightbearers claim to be dedicated to helping all comers, there are rumors and whispers that they only actually help mutants and are working toward a future where all humanity has been replaced with mutantkind. The Lightbearers are skilled healers, knowing much of pre-Fall medical science and natural remedies. Lightbearers use these skills to help save as many people as they can, and also use their respectable close-combat skills to protect those who cannot protect themselves. While the Lightbearers do not use much in the way of advanced weaponry or armor, they make up for it with skill and the powerful mutations they have developed. The Lightbearers are the foremost experts on mutations in the Grand Canyon Province and can bring a number of different mutation talents to bear against their enemies. The Lightbearers often trade their medical goods to the Enforcers and Vistas for supplies and equipment, preferring natural materials in the same way the Vistas do.

The first and third Lightbearers are representative of low-ranking members of the order. The second Lightbearer is possibly a member of the Sun and Moon, the secretive order of Lightbearer assassins that some would call ninjas, but who don’t exactly wear their allegiance openly. The third is a Lightbearer Master prepared for battle, while the fifth is a Senior Lightbearer, such as you would often find in charge of a Lightbearer settlement.  

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