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Dev Blog - Velder's Dungeon

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Hey gang, welcome to the first Kill3rCombo Elsword dev journal where we’ll point the spotlight on the newest and by far the freakiest secret dungeon in Elsword, arriving September 12th. So far secret dungeons have occupied a very unique spot among the more than 50 dungeons in Elsword. For most players, it’s the opportunity to test your weapon-wielding chops in some of the most challenging dungeons or a place to get your hands on valuable drops to craft the best equipment in the game.

Elsword Gaiden:

For the team, secret dungeons are a chance to break away from the norm in several ways. First, each new region of Elrios has its own storyline to follow and secret dungeons provide a rare opportunity to tell a side story with familiar characters.  In this dungeon, one of the main antagonists of the game Chloe, Leader of the Dark Elves, is tired of combating the Elsword gang. Yep… to the point where it gives her migraines…  Sullen Joaquin, a mini boss from a previous dungeon, is a crazy alchemist who approaches Chloe with a proposal and drugs her army with mysterious potions. In other words he pumps them up with steroids to make life hard for the Elsword gang.

So creatively it would be hard to shoehorn that in the main Velder storyline.

No Rules, Just Fright:

The other cool thing about secret dungeons is the chance to dabble in gameplay elements and visuals that just didn’t fit anywhere else.  That’s why we call this dungeonVelder’s Hallucination. It’s a bit of an odd name but when you enter the dungeon you’ll see why.  It has this really nightmarish look with lots of fire and smoke. So far it’s the most dramatic and challenging of the 4 secret dungeons in the game.

You’ll see we have bosses who’ve swelled up to titanic proportions and create all kinds of hazards for the Elsword team. How’s that for breaking the norm? And that’s not all. Although the dungeon is tough, you’ll get some pretty sweet buffs to help you along the way! For instance, you find a new buff that tosses your enemies and kills everything in your path. Think of the invincibility stars in Super Mario Bros.

Other Cool Additions:

Not only is Elsword getting a new secret dungeon, but we are also revamping our previous ones! Players will be able to complete 2 daily quests and receive 2 coins that are used to craft secret dungeon equipment. Before, players could only receive 1 a day but now you can receive 2 a day making it much easier to craft secret dungeon equipment.

Also max level players, rejoice! Secret dungeon equips are now upgradeable to level 60! Lastly, secret dungeon monsters are smarter and fiercer than ever now! We improved their attack patterns so they require more teamwork to defeat.

So you can see the newest secret dungeon is one heck of a wild ride and quite a change of pace. Best of luck dealing with Sullen Joachin and his oversized allies and happy dungeon running!