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Destiny Board - The Route to a Powerful Character

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The Destiny Board is Albion Online's answer to the traditional system of level grinding in MMOs. It has had a complete makeover since the last test, and now allows for a greater level of readability and specialization for players. Check it out!

Specialize Your Character

Another feature we want to bring to the topic of character development and progression in Albion Online is the option of specialization. Players can now really orient their character to one specific craft or trade, incurring significant benefits to motivate them in that direction, or diversify to create a more rounded character.

This makes it easier for guilds in particular to strategize, forming several different groups focused on different trades, such as gathering, crafting or PvE, all forming a coherent whole.

A guild owning a number of territories could, for instance, place all of their gatherers in one territory neighboring their crafters, creating a production line for items and weapons to keep the PvP fighters of the guild well-equipped.

This specialization occurs as a result of the layout of the Destiny Board, which separates the different possible paths early on, and through the introduction of Master Levels.

Master Levels will allow a player to truly become the master of their trade. Master Levels provide permanent bonuses to a player who develops their character in a particular field or trade, motivating the player to specialize. For instance, reaching a master level in crafting a particular item will give players a greater chance of crafting a high-quality version of that item.

In the previous version of the Destiny Board, players would complete a task and receive a reward in the form of an unlock or buff which would lead them on to a different task. This layout was linear, and often players were finished with a task and onto the next one before they really got a feel for the activity they were doing.

Now, instead of each task leading to the next, players can stick with one task for which there will be a number of different unlock levels. Players have the option to do as before, by unlocking a higher-tier item and beginning to unlock the next, but they now have the option of putting more effort into one task to really master it.

If players want to put effort into truly mastering, for instance, gathering with a T2 pickaxe, they can do that rather than immediately moving on to working towards getting a T3 pickaxe, and will be rewarded for doing so with various buffs and benefits which will make them even more efficient and skilful. This means players who want to take the time to really hone a particular skill will be able to, making specialization even more rewarding.

Stick to the Path - Or Not!

Albion Online's Destiny Board has had an overhaul in terms of layout, to make it easier than ever for players to develop and mold their character into their ideal fighter. The Board now has clear divides between the different paths a player can take with their character, easily seen from the overview of the Board as well as up close. These paths also have sub-paths and sections which will lead the player to specify even further.

The circular shape of the current Destiny Board, built around a universal center, allows for different progression routes to be split in a logical way, and branch off into easy-to-follow paths so that players can quickly and accurately track their progress.

Build your Perfect Hero

In the new improved version of the Destiny Board, every task will be meaningful, explicitly described and make a real difference to your character and progression. The benefits and bonuses of completing tasks will make noticeable differences to how your character performs in all aspects of play.

The Destiny Board's task list has been streamlined to include only truly meaningful tasks, to better motivate players and keep them focused. Tasks will be less pedantic. For instance, where once a player might have had to kill a number of just one tier of a mob faction, players can now kill any member of that faction above a set tier and be assured that this will contribute to their next unlock or level.

Want More?

And there you have it: A look at the Destiny Board, a key step on the way to making a powerful player character in exactly the way you want. Were you in the last test and find the changes good improvements? Are you new to the idea of a Destiny Board and want to let us know your thoughts? You can contact us easily through FacebookTwitterGoogle+ or Reddit, as well as our forums.

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