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Deck Out Your Military Base (SPONSORED)

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As the year draws to a close, gamers the world over are clamoring for bigger and better ways to engage. LIBERATORS: A WW2 STRATEGY EPIC is a here to deliver. Recently featured on Facebook as one of the top games of the season, we’re upping the ante with all new features, all new characters, and all new ways to show the world who’s boss.

On the Liberators battlefield, soldiers from the world over unite in the fight against the spread of fascism in Europe and beyond. Become the leading General of an army of personally trained fighters and lead them on a trek through war-torn Europe, liberating cities and recruiting the best of the best. Meet real players from history, such as Dwight D. Eisenhower, Winston Churchill, Charles deGaulle and more and recruit them to your army. Join with other Generals across the world and form powerful Alliances as you take down the leaders of the Fascist regime one enemy at a time. The world is counting on you!

Every month, we’re bringing you more and more ways to storm the battlefield, and take part in one of the most momentous martial engagements humanity has ever seen. Enjoy brand new gameplays, functions, and special events to boost your Commanders’ might, fight epic battles, and keep your mind sharp, just like some of your favorite heroes of history! One sure fire way to keep your soldiers’ spirits high as you march toward victory is to keep your home base up to date on all the latest in base decorations!

All your old favorites are still available to be constructed in the location of your choose. Try building the Higgins Boat near your pier as a reminder of the vessel that made it possible for Allied soldiers to storm Normandy. Or try the P-51 Mustang, one of the flagship planes of the war. In addition to your old favorites, we’re also bringing seasonal favorites, just in time for Halloween!

Freely available is the Soldier’s tomb. This eerie resting place can fill your base with fear and delight! Also available is the Haunted House, an abandoned mansion left to rot after the Luftwaffe experiments. This house can add a level of terror your soldiers will find inspiring! And finally, the Nazi Scarecrow. Cursed for his war crimes, this fallen office is doomed to keep watch for eternity over the fields his army once destroyed while committing atrocities. Put these on your base today!

When it comes to war games, the Liberators battlefield brings the best you’re going to find online! Battle against the mightiest generals across the globe in the Number 1 browser game of the year! Check out our official page for new players’ gift codes, strategies, in-game events and much more!

See you on the battlefield, soldier!

Click here (http://liberators.mutantbox.com) to join the Liberators battlefield!


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