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Crusaders of Light - Deep Dive into Raids

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Coming to a mobile device near you starting next week--and to PC on Facebook Gameroom this summer--NetEase Games’ highly-anticipated MMORPG Crusaders of Light breaks new ground as the first game to offer 40-person raids on mobile. Like many of its MMORPG brethren, Crusaders of Light features LFR (Looking for Raid) functionality, as well as Normal and Heroic versions and many of the intricate raid mechanics that match up with the best MMOs out there. But with 40-person raids -- and its “Fastest Dungeon Raid Competition” that could mean $400,000 for one 40-person team -- Crusaders of Light goes where no mobile MMORPG has gone before.

For those ready to rally the troops and take on the enemy, here’s a look at some of the epic dungeon raids in Crusaders of Light--and some tips to help you emerge victorious.

40-Person Raid – Fort Desolation

The 40-person raid is set in Heroic Fort Desolation and unlocks at level 45 (Fort Desolation’s 25-40-person raids unlock at level 20). Like the Scar Plains dungeon, Fort Desolation is a haunting reminder of the fate that awaits the world should the Crusaders fail.

Before battle, each 40-person team is broken into four squads of 10, each with its own leader. Positioning and party composition both play a major role in Boss fights, with every group having to adapt its strategies to respond to a boss's special abilities. Players face off against the winged demon Conflagrus and his monstrous commander, Gorghana (in that order). These bosses came to play--and not in a good way.  Kill the fire elemental spawned by Conflagrus and avoid the fire cyclones thrown by Gorghana to ensure your victory over these deadly beasts.

Heroic Fort Desolation is also the backdrop of NetEase’s Fastest Dungeon Raid Competition, which will award one 40-person team a cash prize pool of up to $400,000.  The eligible 40-person team that defeats the dungeon and its two bosses with the fastest time within the competition period will take home up to $400,000 -- that’s $10,000 per eligible player! The competition unlocks at the final pre-registration tier, so players who want in on the action should pre-register now at crusadersoflight.com to help unlock the competition and a chance to win. More details to come!

While the 40-person raid in Fort Desolation is Crusaders of Light’s largest, the game includes a variety of raids for players with different styles and skill levels. In Normal mode, the higher-level raids welcome 7-player teams, but if you want more of a challenge, try it on Heroic mode with up to 15 players. Getting excited yet? Read on for a sneak-peek at the fight ahead!

Team Raid – Chimeria

Sunk into the heart of a crystalline mountain, Chimeria opens at level 40 to all-comers. There players come face to face with bosses Noctisidious and Crystragos. A powerful dark elemental, Noctisidious has the ability to spawn three magical crystals that emit bubbles which players must collect to receive a powerful buff. For any team that can defeat Noctsidious, the frost wyrm Crystragos awaits. Capable of silencing foes with its wintry breath and chilling ice gaze, players must avoid these attacks at all cost to have any hope of surviving--let alone winning.

Team Raid -- Everlush Valley

Also opening at level 40, don’t let the otherworldly beauty of Everlush Valley deceive you.  The behemoth Amarillarion makes its lair here, waiting to ambush unwary travellers with poisonous mushroom spores. Anyone hoping to defeat it will need to snag the golden mushroom and absorb its powers--or face destruction, should Amarillarion get to it first. The behemoth is the lesser evil in this forest though: master of Everlush, Ashroot the Blighter, saps the life of anything or anyone in his path, leaving death and destruction in his wake as he grows stronger. To avoid becoming plant-food, challengers need to stay at his back--a task easier said than done.

Team Raid – Burning Skyblaze Village

Little is known of Skyblaze Village. Overrun by Desolationist cultists and their demonic allies, the smoke and glow of fire can be seen for miles around--but no-one has yet to escape it to tell tale of its fate. Brave scouts have spotted at least four demon lords in the area: Tali’egar, B’lique, Baatimius, and Pulrik. Anyone hoping to save Skyblaze Village will have to defeat all of them.

When it comes to raids, Crusaders of Light has something for everyone--and the dungeons and  bosses you’ll encounter along the way don’t disappoint. For all you fearless leaders and loyal raiders and out there, time to brush up on your maneuvers and get ready for action!

Be sure to pre-register to help unlock the $400,000 Fastest Dungeon Raid Competition, and prepare yourself for battle when the game launches on the App Store July 13, on Google Play July 20th, and on PC via Facebook Gameroom this summer. 


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