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Crusaders of Light - Deep Dive into Dungeons

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In Crusaders of Light you will team up with other intrepid warriors from all over the world to take down monsters that threaten the fragile balance of a world teetering on the brink of apocalypse. Where do cannibalistic pirates, giant golems, inhuman bandits, and other baddies tend to gather? In dungeons, of course! 

Dungeons in Crusaders of Light vary in style, difficulty and size. To tackle a dungeon, bring down the boss, and claim its sweet, sweet loot for yourself, you’ll need to know what you’re going up against. Here are the key details for of the dungeons you may find yourself raiding in Crusaders of Light

Scar Plains

Devastated during an ancient war between the gods, evil spirits and cultists roam the ruins of the once-great Scar Plains. A haunting reminder of the fate that awaits the world should the Crusaders fail, those attempting to run this raid should prepare themselves to come face-to-face with the demons who rule these cursed lands. The demonic angel Khmar’egar Soulbinder wields the powers of the void, squashing her prey with dark magic, while her liege-lord L’Meshtulon lies in wait for any who defeat her. The incarnation of a fallen god, L’Meshtulon commands the element of fire to consume his enemies.

Dire Galleon

Once a cheerful vacation spot for local families, cannibalistic pirates have overrun Seabane Island, turning it into their own cold and dismal lair. With the ability to transform into armored crocodiles, the amphibious Cudina pose a grave threat to any attempting to bring them to justice. Wielding an enormous frying pan, Shar’vid the Cook welcomes Crusaders as fresh meat for his ravenous crew, while the Captain Mantalusk himself launches his assaults in the form of an enormous crocodile!

Ancestral Altar

Sacred to the barbarians, the Ancestral Altar guards the blood of the god Titanus. The powerful relic has attracted the attention of the Desolationists, members of a demon-worshipping cult intent on bringing about the apocalypse. Armed with their own special brand of dark sorcery, rooting them out won’t be easy! On top of the challenge posed by regular cultists, brave Crusaders will also face the Altar’s guardian, an ancient earth elemental tasked with crushing any and all trespassers - including the very men and women sent to defend it! If they survive the elemental’s brutal onslaught, they must still find the Desolationist’s leader, Devoidra. A cunning sorceress trained in brutal, life-draining magic, Devoidra is intent on claiming the Blood of Titanus for her cause and isn’t about to let some mere adventurers stand in her way!

Goblint Camp

There are many peaceful, law-abiding goblins in the world of Crusaders of Light. Unfortunately, this camp is not home to them. This lot has earned the epithet “goblint” due to their reputation for sheer, blood-curdling acts of brutality. A local goblin shaman (one of the good, law-abiding ones!) has promised a reward for whoever puts an end to the goblints and their reign of terror. It won’t be easy though, for whoever takes up the shaman’s quest will face a pair of murderous bandit kings, neither of whom has any interest in fighting fair. While Magmontus favors simple flamethrower traps, Gwarghent summons up waves of poisonous gas to suffocate his enemies!

With this knowledge of what awaits in the dungeons of Crusaders of Light, you’re sure to have a leg-up on your fellow adventurers. Be sure to use this knowledge when the game launches--that’s July 13 on the App Store, July 20 on Google Play, and it’ll be coming to Facebook Gameroom this summer.  Players who pre-register now will get more than $50 of in-game gifts and can help unlock the “Fastest Dungeon Raid Competition” with a cash prize of up to $400,000 for one 40-person team. Pre-register today at https://crusadersoflight.com/


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