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Creating a Beachfront Paradise in Terrmian Bay

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Black Desert Online’s ‘Terrmian Bay’ is home to the thrilling ‘Terrmian Waterpark’ that is full of splashes and fun. With the very first quest accepted from the town of Olvia, you can march into the front entrance of the Terrmian Waterpark to be greeted by cheery characters wearing colorful and summer-themed outfits. Mellifluous and happy music will bring anyone’s mood up and the beautiful floating homes, sandy beaches, and tall palm trees all add on to the summer ambiance.

Terrmian Bay, simply put, is that getaway location in the Pacific. The Diving Board located on top of the cliffs looking out on the coast is the cherry on top. Take a dive into the vast sea and be mesmerized by the rainbow and shine of the coral and the tropical fishes.  Even the waves breaking against the shore is realized with the finest graphics, a true sublime work-of-art.

How was such aesthetic beauty achieved? We turned to the graphics masterminds behind the beautiful Terrmian Bay to take a closer look into the work procedure and behind story.

Chorim Lee on Termian Bay's Design:

I wanted to come up with a design to enjoy the summer to the fullest. From the concept-forming stage, I wanted to set on 2 keywords to work with: ‘Festival’ and ‘Tropical.’

When you think of summer, festivals and resorts are where people think of vacation. So we went into researching with the thought of being in a festival somewhere in the Maldives or Bali in the back of my mind. We looked into and welcomed all types of references and data to be collected. From this large array of data, we picked out what would be most fitting for Black Desert Online.

Terrmian Bay had to have a whole different look compared to other regions, yet at the same time, blend well into the world of Black Desert Online. It was important that we bring out the unique features of a summer festival whilst staying close to the generic theme of BDO. The Environment Design Team explained they wanted to make the players feel like they were actually at a beach resort.

We wanted to touch upon the emotional appeal and offer true satisfaction.  It should really allow the players to feel and enjoy summer! We have too much to think about, to deal with already. Designs like this can give me a big headache. (Chuckles) But it’s satisfying to know that the players will have so much fun with the new experiences.

Like all popular resorts, Terrmian Bay does offer its selection of best photo spots. If Terrmian Waterpark existed in real life, the name would be spotted with a lot of hashtags attached.

The area is filled with hammocks and buoys for couples to sit on together, plenty of shade for anyone to hide under the scorching sun. We asked the designer of these special spots where she would choose as her favorite.

“I had a lot of fun designing all of them that I can’t pick a favorite. But if I must, I would have to choose the floating homes and the shopping street on the coast. The feeling I get is as if I was having a Mojito at the Maldives. Also, I really do like the summer-themed props like the pineapple with shades and Black Spirit sand castles as they add the fun factor.

When we do environmental/background design, there’s something we always put into consideration. It’s to create an amusing space that even our developers would want to step barefooted into to have fun. We think of what we would like ourselves first before we consider what normal players would like. When we asked what the most enjoyable part of Terrmian Waterpark was, the answer received was ‘diving.’

Well you can take it as yet another event in our game, but we feel proud of picturing our players having fun going through the variety of mini-games. We always think about how much fun the players will have when we create our designs. We designed this area to bring splashes of fun for all. We really hope everyone will have a blast in the Terrmian Waterpark during the summer season.


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