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'Classic Update' Adds New Mount, Same Sex Marriage

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Nexon America’s Mabinogi is preparing to release its “Classic Update” which includes the new Puppeteer talent, a new talent system which allows for more specialized training and higher stats, a new mount, Bone Dragon mount and a change to the game’s wedding system where characters of the same gender are now allowed to marry.

The Puppeteer talent gives players several new skills including controlling two puppets, Pierrot and Colossus, to aid in battle, and allows players to grab enemies on the battlefield with the use of control bars. The Puppeteers also can follow a new quest-line to sharpen their new skills.

The new Talent System replaces the destiny system, allowing for more specialized training and higher stats. As part of the Talent System, several skills were added including mining, commerce mastery, milking, mushroom gathering, and sheep shearing.

The new mount, the Bone Dragon, is a fierce flying dragon with fiery red eyes  and an exposed skeleton. The Bone Dragon is available in several colors including black, red and green.

Weddings are a popular element in the game with more than 67,000 in-game unions since the game launched in 2008. Characters of the same gender are now allowed to marry in-game, following countless suggestions from players asking for the feature to be added in this fantasy life MMO.

“When players speak out about specific content, we do our best to deliver,” said Teddy Kim, Nexon America’s Mabinogi producer. “That is the great thing about Mabinogi; it allows players fully immerse themselves in the lives they take on in-game. Players can get married, fight dragons, become musicians or learn to cook. We think that opening up the wedding system to same gender characters is fully in the spirit of offering nearly limitless options to our players.”

Mabinogi’s “Classic Update” content will be live in the coming days. For more information or to download and play Mabinogi for free, go to: http://mabinogi.nexon.net/.

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