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Class Reveal - The Shaman

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For centuries, rumors have persisted that the mightiest of Shaman can abide in every age at once. Tales speak of a breed of masters who can discern the ancestry of friend or foe, wielding this knowledge to great benefit -- or frightful bane. But even a young Shaman can sense the threads of energy woven through Terminus’ past. A second sight draws them to the totems of those forsaken eons, in pursuit of furthering their rare power.

Therefore, disciples must often abandon the norms of their civilization, as the trappings of this present age dilute their ability to draw upon the eras before it. Nevertheless, the source of this energy is obscured by those very same ages. The deepest past is the darkest shadow. And from the untrained youth to the most perceptive of Shaman, this mystery remains sealed like the marrow in their own bones.

[Role]: Healer, Support

[Armor]: Medium Chain and Leather, Medium and Light Shields

[Weaponry]: Shaman are proficient with most simple weapons, however they tend to prefer spears, staves, and blunt weapons fashioned from wood, bone, or stone.

[Ability Arsenal]: The Shaman makes a pact with a Totem, a fount of primordial energies echoing across time from Terminus’ past. They are adept at healing, purification, and enhancing the physical attributes of themselves and their allies, but it’s the Shaman’s ability to debilitate and curse their foes that makes them a force to be reckoned with. As a Shaman grows in power, they come ever closer to emulating the very forces they channel.

[Iconic Ability]: Baleful Lethargy

The Shaman calls upon a powerful curse, forcing a waking dream state upon their adversary. While cursed in this manner, the target’s melee attack speed is severely decreased and they may become more susceptible to physical attacks.


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