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Clash of Kings World Quest: Kingdom Heart & 5th Anniversary Celebration Begin (SPONSORED)

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Clash of Kings is 5 years old now & is an MMORPG game available on Android & App Store. Try now.

Heroes create the history of CoK together, the celebration will begin now! As the most welcomed war and strategy game all over the world, CoK will welcome its 5th birthday. In the CoK world, Lords are ready to celebrate the memorial moment. At the same time, Clash of Kings also prepared many surprising events, such as the sweeping world quest and the strongest Cavalry hero Zhao Yun in the legends!

Let's get together and celebrate the 5th anniversary of Clash of Kings!

Since launched in 2014, Clash of Kings has brought unique game experience to Lords with fine game quality, diverse gameplay, exciting legion battle, and wonderful welfare events. Thus, Clash of Kings is welcomed by many SLG gamers.

In the past 5 years, Lords witnessed many memorial changes in the CoK World, from the first season of Dragon Campaign to the Mineral Vein and Slaughter Battlefield to The Rise of Civilizations. Exploring and defending with wisdom and courage, Lords always keep moving. The clash between kings is getting fiercer and fiercer, the war song is sounding. The situation on the battlefield is still not clear, maybe the new Overlord is rising in the new world of mysterious seas!

Surprise: World Quest, mass gifts for you!

To celebrate the upcoming 5th anniversary of CoK, a magnificent celebration carnival is about to begin in CoK. The anniversary event–World quest Kingdom Heart will be issued from 18th July 2019 to 7th August 2019, lasts for 21 days.

During world quest, Lords can get special items including Stone of Time, Stone of Soul, and others via the quests issued each day. The quest might contain training soldiers, gatherings, using recruitment card, analyzing magic skills, killing BOSS and other daily quests. Lords can donate these items to the specified NPC to improve the bond between players and the NPC and get feedback rewards from NPC. Each different NPC will provide a powerful buff for all Lords of all servers. Also, you can cumulate Kingdom Contribution via donating.

Luxury gift, celebrating the CoK Anniversary! The Dragon Vessel Battlefield will also be issued in July. Except for this, there will be more surprise for you! Please stay tuned!

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