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Clash of Kings Royal Arena, Global War Again! (SPONSORED)

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Clash of Kings is 5 years old now & is an MMORPG game available on Android & App Store. Try now.

The Royal Arena of CoK, an SLG mobile game, will be released! Players from all over can fight against each other, regardless of server! Millions of players will be gathered together in fierce competition between the powers of power and rights, where only the global overlord can break through and be listed on the top!

Global Fight! The Strong Survives!

Countless players will gather in the majestic Royal Arena. CoK has created this gameplay and refined PVP battles. The world in the arena changes rapidly. According to the power of each Kingdom, dozens of Kingdoms will be mixed into a large group, and players can fight against the players from other Kingdoms. Regardless of whether you want to risk or just win step by step. The two strongest players will meet, and there will be a final battle! In the world of the Royal Arena, the battles will never end, every ranking will be contested and soaked with blood.

Fortunately, no matter whether victory or defeat, no soldier in the Royal Arena will die!

The Winner will be the King! A Strong King is always Strong!

In the Royal Arena, there will be divisions and rankings. Every time you win, you will get a number of trophies, adding to your glory. When you fail, you will lose trophies. According to your trophy number, we will evaluate your division, which symbollizes your great power.

Every day, according to your ranking in the Royal Arena, you will receive different amounts of Arena Coins. The higher your ranking, the more coins you get. My Lord, victory and defeat is a common situation in the military. In the Royal arena, please pay attention to other enemies when you are attacking another one. The strong Lords should not be arrogant and need to be ready for any danger. The weak ones shouldn't underestimate themselves and remember to pay attention to your defense. In the Royal Arena, there will always be a turnaround point for each player.

Ranking changes! Decide your own fate!

In the Royal Wars of CoK, it's normal a situation that the player who was defeated yesterday might be the winner today. Sometimes a player might lose all because of a little item. In order to allow you to fight back, there is both an item store and skill store in the Arena, where you can improve your strength by purchasing items and skills. The items and skills in the store will be helpful! With them, you will be invincible!

Royal Arena, which is firstly created by CoK and can accommodate millions of players in the same server, will be issued July! It will bring totally new  PVP experience to players!


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