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Clash of Kings Hosts Kings Night In NYC (SPONSORED)

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Clash of Kings, a SLG mobile game, recently held an event in New York City for Clash of Kings VIPs. Called “Kings Nights,” 22 players from around the world representing countries such as the United States, China, Japan, and more were able to come together to celebrate Clash of Kings with mods and game developers from the studio. Clash of Kings VP, Chief of Game Design and Chief of Operations were also there to interact with players as well as discuss the future of the game.

During the event, Clash of Kings discussed plans for the future with the VIPs. Specifically, as Clash of Kings moves forward the team has a desire to reduce the bugs which can make for an undesirable experience for its users. Additionally, some users like interacting with other players and make lasting friendships, while some players simply like attacking monster. The development team hopes to create compelling content moving forward that can cater to all players preferences.

The team made sure to drive home the fact that at the end of the day everything in Clash of Kings is driven by player interactions. The updates the team does to the game are really just the surface – how to attract players is what really means something to the team. How they develop Clash of Kings in the future is through the approach of making sure everyone who plays the game feels welcome and needed in the world.

Clash of Kings also revealed plans for the 5th Anniversary Carnival. 5.5 Billion free gold has been given to all servers, as well as a large number of rewards and soldiers for daily login. Everyone who players can have the chance to get a new castle skin type, which has special effects connecting each player with the same skin. Also, new maps, new battle features among multiple kingdoms as well as a new feature which can help players cooperate have been added.

In addition to filling players in on upcoming changes and design direction, Clash of Kings also showed off some game secrets just for the VIPs there. The team also took suggestions from players to help make Clash of Kings better for all those to play.

Clash of Kings’ “Kings Nights” have been held all around the world, taking place in China, Dubai, and Russia in 2019. The NYC “Kings Nights” has been the largest event so far, even getting advertisements in Medieval Times.

Clash of Kings currently celebrating its 5th Anniversary in a big way, with a multitude of events and items each player can win. You can check out Clash of Kings here.


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