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Clash of Kings Celebrates Ramadan with Limited Time Events (SPONSORED)

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Clash of Kings, the smash hit mobile strategy MMO from Elex Wireless, is celebrating Ramadan in prime fashion this year with limited time events, new castle skins, a new Arabic hero unit, and lots more to celebrate the ancient holiday. Read on to learn all about Clash of Kings’ Ramadan Promotion!

Clash of Kings is an MMO war game played by billions of players across the globe. Players from nearly 200 countries play together and against each other to raise their kingdoms and fight in never-ending wars. Millions of players are online at the same time, and over 15 million wars occur everyday across 21 languages. With a real-time translation mechanic, Clash of Kings can be enjoyed across the many different regions of the world by all.

Running from now until May 27th, the Ramadan Celebration in Clash of Kings brings with it a host of new features, new cosmetic items, and special limited time quests which reward players with tons of benefits.

First up is the Ramadan Buffet Event. In this one, players need to collect the items to make Ramadan Buffet from Rice, meat and vegetables. In order to collect the ingredients, players can kill monsters on the world map, or even make a wish and collect the resources from the world map. Once they’ve got all the accoutrements of the feast prepared, they can turn in the quest for exclusive rewards.

And what would a Ramadan celebration be without Fanous? Fanous is a main symbol for Ramadan so the event design is following by four different Fanous designs that each player can see when reaching a specific level. Players will collect copper, glass and bulb to pass the each level. If they make it to the fourth level, they’ll unlock a permanent special cosmetic effect for their castle. Fanous begins next week during the Ramadan celebration.

But that’s not all that’s new in Clash of Kings during this holy celebration. There’s also a brand new purchasable Castle Skin: the Arabic Golden Falcon Castle design. There’s a brand new Arabic hero for the first time in the game, as well as a Golden Crescent Decoration for your Castle. We’ve even updated the troop marching effect on the world map to look like a desert camel marching into war.

All of this and more awaits you in Clash of Kings. What are you waiting for? Download the MMO strategy phenomenon today!


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