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Clan Feature: Sacred Flower Clan

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Clan Feature: The Sacred Flower Clan

Editor's Note: This is the fourth of six exclusive articles on the starting clans of 9Dragons. You can read about the Shaolin here, the Brotherhood of Thieves here and The League of Beggars here.

This is the fourth instalment of a six article series exploring the background lore of the clans in the exciting new MMO martial arts game 9Dragons. Today we’ll explore another one of the black clans - Sacred Flower.

Just as Shaolin clan’s thousand year tradition marks them exclusive to men, the Sacred Flower Clan is exclusive to women, the Yin to Shaolin’s Yang, as all life in The Land strives toward Yin-Yang harmony. The ideals of Shaolin are quite noble, as one might expect, so the ideals of Sacred Flower, viewed from a Ming Dynasty male perspective, are anything but…

The clan was founded by a legendary female warrior (whose true name may not be known to men) called The Mistress of Chaos. I think a brief description of her sordid past might help you understand her current grudges against certain other clans, both black and white, as well as those of her disciples, for their devotion to her will is unmatched throughout history…

The Mistress was born charmed, immune to all manners of poison or venom, and as a child became something of a sideshow attraction for noblemen, who repeatedly tried and failed to kill her. This fame brought her to the attention of a very powerful and corrupt man, the self-proclaimed Emperor Heavenly Demon, who rumor has it truly is possessed by demons. Unable to resist temptation, Heavenly Demon snatched the child as his prize and slaughtered her family. And so, The Mistress grew to fair adulthood as a member of Heavenly Demon Clan, learning their arcane skills and mastering their Bloody Hands Kung Fu. On the day she was bound to marry The Emperor Heavenly Demon, she was met by a Hermit. The Hermit told her that The Emperor had murdered her family. Sensing the truth in his words, The Mistress denied The Emperor her hand and fled his stronghold… pursued by a battalion of his warriors!

So The Mistress sought sanctuary at Shaolin Temple, with the enemies of her enemy. But the Shaolin Elders refused her entrance because she was a woman, and cursed with dark karma. Incensed, she murdered the first monk she came across, stole his robes and shaved her head. Cleverly disguised, she eluded capture by Heavenly Demon’s minions and disappeared into the mountains where she started her own clan.

It is said that, “For every action comes an opposite reaction,” and from that perceived act of discrimination made by Shaolin, there rose a clan of beautiful, deadly, female masters. Hence Sacred Flower’s motto, “If men rule the world, women must rule men!”

So now you understand why Sacred Flower disciples despise both Heavenly Demon and Shaolin, but you should know they are also spiteful of Wu-Tang Clan, who they feel have bastardized the Yin and Yang symbol to suggest that women (symbolized by Yin) encompass all the darker, negative aspects of the universe. Sacred Flower thereby opposes the white clans, and most men in general, as they strive to raise women’s current status in society with their fervent cult-like beliefs. Their revealing clothing is justified as a means to entreat, allure, and conquer men by enchantment. So what is perceived as their feminine weakness becomes part of their strength.

These women know they are not equally matched with men as far as brute strength is concerned, and that’s why Sacred Flower’s Kung Fu techniques are based on seduction, speed and illusion supplanted with all manner of poisons and venoms. They train with weapons more suited to the feminine physique, such as daggers, whips and razor wheels, all of which are light, fast and easy to hide. They are revered as the most infamous assassins in all of the middle kingdom.
  • The three basic principles that each Sacred Flower disciple strives for are:
  • To understand the true will of The Mistress
  • To accept and comprehend the gifts The Mistress has claimed for them
  • To restore the sacred balance of Yin and Yang to the world
Disciples of Sacred Flower are mindful of the spirit and will of The Mistress of Chaos in all things. While they invite you to become entranced by their beauty, bare in mind this attraction will be used to either dominate, humiliate, or kill you. Since common women in this male-dominated land are given no voice, Sacred Flower disciples act as their champions. Since illusion was a revered practice of The Mistress, many disciples have made grave personal sacrifices over the past ten years to camouflage themselves into society, as wives, mothers, concubines, even donning the robes of other clans.

Joining them means you’ve vowed to train night and day to restore the holy balance of Yin and Yang. And if it requires bloodshed, so be it!

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-By Ken Johnston and Steven-Elliot Altman
(based on The Lore created by Steven-Elliot Altman)

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