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Clan Feature: Heavenly Demon Clan

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Clan Feature: The Heavenly Demon Clan

Editor's Note: This is the fifth of six exclusive articles on the starting clans of 9Dragons. You can read about the Shaolin here, the Brotherhood of Thieves here, The League of Beggars here and the Sacred Flowers Clan here.

This is the fifth instalment of a six article series exploring the background lore of the clans in the exciting new MMO martial arts game 9Dragons. Today we’ll explore another one of the black clans ? Heavenly Demon.

Heavenly Demon Clan was founded by a cruel, ambitious warrior who, in defiance of The Imperial Emperor and his court, self-proclaimed himself The Emperor Heavenly Demon and waged holy war against all governing factions. It is whispered by many that Emperor Heavenly Demon truly was possessed by demons as a child, and certainly any who had witnessed his ferocity in battle, would attest that this was true. His proclamation, “A land governed by the depraved must be conquered through depraved justice, only through fire may it be cleansed!” sums up the clan’s collective philosophy.

Disciples of Heavenly Demon are ruthless warriors who believe themselves to be above the laws of The Land. Without mercy they maraud and seize power in the name of their leader. Masked and deadly they are as secretive and mysterious as any religious cult. Lower level disciples who join the clan are often those who hold a dark karma within them, one that would not be welcomed by any White Clan.

In return for their loyalty and bloodshed, Heavenly Demon’s disciples have been granted tremendous power and martial art skill from a variety of occult sources. Marshalling their dark skills, Heavenly Demon led his clan to victory upon victory against The Imperial Emperor and his troops in many of The Provinces, for a time controlling more than half of The Land. Only The War of Nine Dragons, a private war waged between the nine major clans of the day, stopped Heavenly Demon from complete domination and his seizure of the Imperial capitol. During The War, it is rumoured that Emperor Heavenly Demon himself was killed, though his body was never recovered.

What he left behind was a dark army of his minions spread across The Land who remain loyal to his cause, even after his reported death. Such was the fear imposed by this dark master and his Soul Lords! Today, the clan remains resentful toward The Imperial Emperor and his Court, as well as toward The White Clans who uphold his will. As they continue to train and practice the dark arts their master passed down to them, some disciples hold faith he shall return, while others secretly contend to usurp his power.

Though Heavenly Demon’s fortress is hidden deep within Mount Yanmo, its influence has spread far and wide. Because of the clan’s secretive organizational system and the clandestine movements of its disciples, the clan’s exact territory is currently unknown. People of The Land whisper, “Be careful, Heavenly Demon may be hiding in your shadow.” It is a warning that a disciple of Heavenly Demon may be anyone, even a highly trained spy within a rival clan.

Heavenly Demon's Kung Fu techniques were stolen and perverted from other disciplines, and combined with occult rituals. Sabers are preferred weapons over swords, and for hand-to-hand combat, disciples master Bloody Hands technique, the most deadly combat system ever conceived. Disciples may also study dark arts in Demonic Madness, Confusion, Protection and various soul-siphon techniques used to drain the Vital Energy from their enemies. One of the more unsavoury habits developed by the disciples is the drinking of their enemy’s blood (however this has become frowned upon within the clan).

Disciples hold a special hatred for disciples of Wu-Tang Clan, because their swordsmen typically prove themselves superior in matters of steel against steel. Heavenly Demon and Wu-Tang clash often in large numbers that record many deaths, and assassins are dispatched often from both houses. The most skilled Heavenly Demon masters typically boast of their slaughter of Wu-Tang disciples to show their prowess.

So will you choose to become a Heavenly Demon? Great power and Kung Fu skill could be yours… but know that one who breaks their rules could suffer pains ranging from dismemberment to damnation.

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See you next week for our article on Wu-Tang Clan!

-By Ken Johnston and Steven-Elliot Altman
(based on The Lore created by Steven-Elliot Altman)

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