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Autumn’s here and with the changing of seasons, all the year’s best games are bringing their A Game with new expansions and updates. LIBERATORS: A WWII STRATEGY EPIC is no exception. Recently featured on Facebook as one of the top games of the season, we’re ready to bring fans old and new what they love. This September, we’re bringing long-time players some new features and new ways to engage their war-hardened vets. Likewise, we’re improving upon some old favorites for new players to enter the Liberators battlefield with a blaze of glory.

For starters, let’s catch new players up to speed on what kind of action they can look forward to on the Liberators battlefield. This is a game for lovers of strategy, history, and glory. Be the General of a legendary army landing at Normandy and work your way across Europe, liberating cities from Nazi control. Recruit some of the top military commanders of the Second World War and acquire real weaponry from the period along your quest. Join with other Generals across the world and form powerful Alliances as you take down the leaders of the Fascist regime one enemy at a time.

Liberators: A World War II Strategy Epic

The number of different ways you can engage your Commanders on the battlefield are many, and they’re growing all the time! Every month we bring you brand new gameplays, functions, and special events to boost your Commanders’ might, fight epic battles, and keep your mind sharp, just like some of your favorite heroes of history! It would be impossible to write a comprehensive list of all that’s available on the battlefield; just like real war, there are countless way to win in Liberators. One of the most recent crowd favorites is the thoroughly engaging BEASTS OF WAR

Four of the major powers of the war bring the best they have to offer under a unifying banner. The animals for which four of the major hitters of the war represent different stages your army will challenge on the way to victory. The Soviet bear, the British lion, the American Eagle, and the Reichsadler are the guardians at the gate of the 4 separate major powers.

You and your army will pass through 13 stages for each beast. For each success, your army will be rewarded with prizes befitting a great General. Each stage will consist of 5 enemy Commanders. Rewards chests can be claimed once you earn 5, 10, and 15 stars! When your army attains a 3-Star victory, you’ll be able to enact a blitz campaign and automatically score some sweet loot. And if you’re lucky, you can be the first to get your hands on the highly coveted Hunting Medal, used to unlock special manuals that will greatly increase the power of your units!

When it comes to war games, the Liberators battlefield brings the best you’re going to find online! Battle against the mightiest generals across the globe in the Number 1 browser game of the year! Check out our official page for new players’ gift codes, strategies, in-game events and much more!

See you on the battlefield, soldier!

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