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Catacomb of the Damned

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The brave Incent Knights who fought during the wars of Rendel now rest in a catacomb in the north east of Hero's Land. As the contamination spread through Rendel, the evil spirit, Manelloth, rose to claim the catacomb as his liar. 

Possessed with corrupt spirits and haunting ghouls, the Catacomb of the Damned will prove to be a challenge for any team of heroes. 

The catacomb is full of separate chambers, each containing foes stronger than the last. Adventurers will be put to the test as they proceed further into the catacomb. 

Very few will be able to overcome these treacherous obstacles. 

Two terrifying bosses await your challenge at the end of each path of the catacomb. The powerful mage, Basteroe, can be found at the end of the eastern corridor.

His counterpart, the deadly knight Riviute resides at the end of the western corridor. 

Both Basteroe and Riviute must be defeated before Manelloth is revealed.     

The final challenge awaits you and your team at the end of the catacomb. Here, Manelloth rests in his chamber. 

Are you prepared to take down the lord of the ghouls? 


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