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The Chronicles of Spellborn: Caster Classes Developer Journal

Editor's Note: This is the second in a series of journals that explain the classes of The Chronicles of Spellborn. In this article, composed by the Chronicles of Spellborn dev team, we learn about some caster classes.

In this three part series we take a look at the different player classes in The Chronicles of Spellborn (TCoS). The previous installment (link to first installment) looked at the three warrior classes. In this installment we take a closer look at the three caster classes: the Rune Mage, the Ancestral Mage and the Oracle Disciple.

Every class in TCoS has 3 basic attributes -, primary, secondary and auxiliary. The character’s primary attribute is defined by the class’s archetype, while the secondary attribute is determined by the actual class. The third auxiliary attribute has a small impact on the player's statistics but no impact on class-specific statistics and skills.

The primary archetype attribute for casters is 'mind'. The mind attribute impacts many of the class’s basic statistics and allows the caster to use basic mind-related skills.

Every caster is granted the use of basic mind-related caster skills when they reach the appropriate level, regardless of their class. Some examples of the caster archetype skills include:

Healing Touch The caster can use this close range healing skill to heal allies in battle. The skill provides a moderate healing, but the caster needs to be close to the target.
Fear Amplification The caster increases the fear in an opponent by further decreasing the opponent's morale. This skill only affects an opponent when the opponent’s morale is negative.

Casters can also use basic melee and ranged attacks like:

Hack The caster performs a fast melee attack that deals major damage.

The secondary attribute differs for each of the specific caster classes and is used to differentiate the class within the class archetype. More information about attribute statistics can be found in this article.

The three caster classes are each associated with a certain epoch in The Chronicles of Spellborn's timeline. The Rune Mage, with 'body' as the secondary attribute, is associated to the present and wields the destructive Rune powers of the Deadspell Storm. The Ancestral Mage, with 'mind' as the secondary attribute, is associated with the past and commands Ancestral spirit magic. The Oracle Disciple with 'focus' as secondary attribute is associated to the future and wields the soul magic from The Oracle. Each class utilizes unique skills to manipulate these powerful types of magic.

The Caster Classes - The Rune Mage
Rune Mages are arcane savants possessing powerful destructive magic. They are also unique in their ability to create runes that enhance the power of themselves and others. A Rune Mage can be an imposing enemy due to their offensive power, as well as an invaluable ally on account of their rune mastery.

The Rune Mage receives many skills that focus on wielding destructive magic. They also have a large arsenal of skills that allow them to create Area of Effect (AoE) spells by drawing runes on the ground and manipulating them. Rune Mages are most often found in the midst of a fight adding fuel to the heat of battle.

Deadspell Summons the powerful winds of the Deadspell tunnels into a cone in front of the caster. Everyone caught inside receives damage from the stones/debris that fly through and their physique is lowered, causing them to move more slowly.
Draw Rune - Fire Draws a rune on target location creating an AoE blaze. All characters within this AoE will be set ablaze and receive damage over time (DoT).
Explosive Runes The Rune Mage can destroy all active drawn runes. All characters within the AoE of the exploding runes will receive damage.

The three skills above can be used to create a very strong combo. The Deadspell skill does damage and lowers physique giving the Rune Mage enough time to draw the Fire Rune. Before players have the chance to escape the fire rune, the caster can move back and use the Explosive Runes skill to finish off the combo.

Ring of Fire Summons a large ring of fire around the caster. The ring slowly grows smaller as it moves towards the caster, dealing damage to everyone caught by the fire. It also sets targets on fire which deals small damage over time.

In addition to unique class skills, each character has unique class-related buff items that are placed in body slots. These buff items are used to aid the player in battle or provide additional unique skills that can further increase the effects of combat. Only one buff item can be active at any one time but players can easily switch between these during combat.

The Rune Mage's body slots can be filled with 'tattoos'. Tattoos are crafted by buying specific recipes at a vendor and harvesting the needed resources. At certain levels new recipes for buff items become available.

Body slot example:

Burning Tattoo Self buff. When the Rune Mage is hit with melee damage the hitting opponent will take damage.

The Caster Classes – The Ancestral Mage
Commanding spirits from the past, the Ancestral Mage is a dangerous force to be reckoned with. While the Ancestral Mage does not have much personal power, they are capable of significantly enhancing their summoned spirit pets as well as their companions.

Spirit Debt Grants a wide-area AoE heal to spirits. After a set duration the caster receives damage equal to the amount healed with the skill.
Spirit Bond For a certain length of time, all damage dealt to the targeted spirit and the caster is shared.
Ancestral Portal Using this skill, the Ancestral Mage can switch places with his spirit pet.

’Spirits cells’ can be used in the Ancestral Mage's body slots. Each spirit cell can contain a captured spirit pet from the Ancestor world that can be 'released' as a pet during combat. Each Spirit pet will have its own unique skill deck and the Ancestral Mage can control his spirit pet with pet control functions like 'follow', 'assist' and 'hold' that are not part of his skill deck. Ancestral Mages can purchase level-restricted Spirit cell recipes at vendors. The resources needed to complete the spirit cell recipe can most of the time be found in the Ancestor world.

Body slot example:

Demon Army Soldier spirit A spirit summoned by an Ancestral Mage. Its attacks focus on lowering the opponent’s physique, making it a strong ally if the Ancestral Mage wants to keep its foes at a distance, or when the player wishes to retreat.

Skills that can be used to manipulate the summoned spirits:

Empower Spirit This skill allows the Ancestral Mage to increases the spirit's attributes but the Ancestral Mage loses control over the spirit. The Spirit will attack random targets for the duration of the buff.
Pure Spirit Target Spirit is sent to the 'spirit plane' and loses the power to operate in the persistent world. The Spirit can only attack or be hit by other spirits. The Spirit's spirit affinity is lowered so the spirit is more vulnerable to spirit damage.

The Caster Classes – The Oracle Disciple
Through their devotion to the Oracle, these mages are gifted with powerful magical abilities that counteract the spells of others. The Oracle Disciple is quite adept at mending the wounds all too often suffered within the scattered Shards, as well as providing magical reinforcement to their allies. They can severely weaken the magic of enemies, and as such are often found in the company of many friends.

The Oracle Disciple has very few offensive skills. Almost all of the skills and spells are defensive and used to enhance the abilities of party members. The only offensive skills a Disciple has are his anti-magic skills but even most of these types of skills are about prevention rather then damage.

Counterfield Sacrificing his own attributes, the Oracle Disciple can make all surrounding allies immune to magical attacks. After a short time, the mage's attributes are restored.
Healing Strikes Multiple melee strikes in a short time allow the Oracle Disciple to quickly heal surrounding allies.
Righteous Hunt The Oracle Disciple targets a party member. The target and all party members in their near vicinity receive a magic resistance buff while all party members around the Oracle Disciple receive a magic resistance debuff.

The Oracle Disciple's body slots can be filled with 'soul gems'. Soul gems grant the Oracle Disciple powerful personal power-ups.

Body slot example:

Arionite Soul Increases the skill damage of the next magic skill.

Please note; All skill and body slot examples named in this article are subject to change during the beta test phase.

In the next article we will take an in-depth look at the rogue classes. See you then!

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