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Carbine’s Favorite Warplot Builds

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Howdy WildStar fans! We hope you’ve been enjoying the deep dives into our Warplot feature for WildStar! We’d like to give you some ideas to jump start you for setting up your own Warplot, so here are a few builds we have enjoyed playing around with.

Blake “Moja” Alexander’s Mechanized Murder Station

Do you like bringing the pain to your enemy? Good! This build focuses on installations and guards that assist in area control. Crate deployables to carry with you and use them as you conquer the field (and enemy Warplot) before you. Sentry Guns (Basic, Rapid, Wide Beam, or Multi Beam), Mini Rocket Launchers, and Sludge Flingatrons are good candidates to thrown down for quick domination.

Support Installations: Military Research Center & Silo

Need extra kaboom? We always do. Use the items given by the Military Research Center to spawn cannons around objectives out in the field. Deployables that you place down will also have a health boost. Upgrade it to max to get a damage boost! The Silo’s passive resistance bonus and damage reduction items will provide staying power in a skirmish.

Guard Installations: Warbot & Aggressorbot

The Warbot: a tough mega machine that pulls and stuns opponents. It also offers a nice shield boosting ability during combat. And if that’s not enough for ya, the Aggressorbots may be smaller, but they pack a hefty punch. These bots can pull opponents and then whirlwind attack for a devastating combo. They can also summon mobile mines!

Travel: Teleport Center

If you’re making a big push to the enemy, you’ll want a fast way back to your base if some of those sneaky heathens get through. Use your Teleport Center’s ability to transport back to base in a hurry.

Super Weapon: Attack Ship

Three attack ships, on call, for your murderin’ needs. What more could you ask for? Capture Nano-Pak nodes while you’re busting through the field to call upon your ships. They’ll use those tasty cannons on nearby enemy players and structures. Upgrading your super weapon to make your ships stick around longer.

Boss: Murderbot

Plop down a Boss Summoner installation and buy a Murderbot token using War Coins to summon during the match. Once you’re in the enemy’s base, call your Murderbot over to wreck some damage. He’s got a super nice forcefield that will trap your enemies inside – it’s like herding sheep!

Kevin “MuffinMan” Lee’s Char and Glow Oven

This warplot setup is a defensive build out, that focuses on using deployables to help thwart the enemy’s attempts at your power generators. Pepper your Warplot with Flash Traps (blind), Bug Bombs (disorient), Statis Traps (snare), Stasis Cannons (telegraph damage with chance to root) to stymy their pathetic attempts at victory. Stick a bunch in your Warparty’s crate so you can refill areas during the match.

Support Installations: Military Research Center & Bunker

Use items provided by the Military Research Center to spawn additional (but temporary!) Defensive Cannons to hold positions within your Warplot. Bunker’s passive strikethrough bonus and armor piercing buff items will help you take down intruders quickly. The Military Research Center also buffs all deployables you have on the field; upgrade that sucker to get additional health and damage boosts to your traps and turrets.

Hazard Installations: Nuclear Plant & Furnace

Both the Nuclear Plant and the Furnace will start to damage players when immediately entering into the environmental hazard created by the installation. The Nuclear Plant will debuff sprint regeneration and the Furnace will debuff dash regeneration (while the enemy player is inside the hazard). To enhance the hazard dangers of these installations, make sure you upgrade during the match. For extra pain (in both navigation and flesh burning), place Flash Traps and Bug Bombs in the installation. Your body count will thank you.

Travel: Intraplot Transport

A defensive Warplot needs fast moving defenders. Use this travel installation to quickly zip between teleport pads inside your Warplot. Upgrade to activate more teleport pads for extra mobility!

Super Weapon: Eldan Beacon

While defending, go out and capture some Nano-Pak nodes so you can use this awesome toy. The beacon will throw down swarms (moving, large telegraphs) to really bug the crap out of your foes. Pun totally intended.

Boss: Metal Maw

Plop down a Boss Summoner installation and buy a Metal Maw token using War Coins to summon during the match. When summoned, he’ll protect your power generators via ranged missile attacks.

Ron “Bloodmage” Roy’s Brick (and Mortar) Pain Emporium

You are the unmoving mountain. Use this type of setup if you enjoy laughing at your enemy’s feeble attempts to damage you. This setup stacks defensive bonuses, heals, and energy expenditure to outlast even the toughest opponents.

Support Installations: Silo & Communication Tower

Silo provides a passive bonus to all resistances; Communications Tower provides a passive bonus to deflection. Upgrade both of these to enhance their bonus amounts – giving you one super tough Warparty.

Guard Installations: Osun Encampment & Rescue Squad Station

Use defensive variants (Reinforced/Secure) of these installations to spawn more defensively positioned guards that will protect your Warplot. Knock them to the ground and send their weapons flying with your indomitable Osun. Need some support? Run over to a Rescue Squad bot for a clutch heal. Upgrade these installations to increase the health and damage of your guard contingents!

Travel: Respawn Terminal

If you want to starve them out, a Respawn Terminal is critical. This installation will reduce the amount of energy lost when a teammate dies. Upgrade this to the max so that your enemies, if they finally kill you, will have to kill you again just to break even!

Super Weapon: Multiple Rocket Launcher

Like rockets? Lots of them? Launching them MANY TIMES? Then this weapon is yours. The Multiple Rocket Launcher is the most nano-pak efficient of the super weapons. But wait, there’s more! This puppy also has a relatively low cooldown. Capture those nano-pak resources and hit them hard. Again and again and again. Bonus points if you use this around your boss. Speaking of bosses…

Boss: Kraggar

Plop down a Boss Summoner installation and buy a Kraggar token using War Coins to summon during the match. Kraggar’s CC immunity aura will offer advantages to nearby Warparty members when defending or when using him out to attack the enemy.

Jen “Bardic” Gordy’s Double-time Depot

Float like a flutterfly; sting like a buzzbing. This build focuses on dancing circles around your opponent, using your high mobility to take control of the battlefield (and those Nano-Pak nodes) before dealing critical strikes (literally) to the enemy base.

Support Installations: Refinery & Watchtower

The Refinery gives your Warparty reduced capture times for Nano-Pak nodes. Upgrade it to make capturing even faster! Use the items from the Refinery to provide temporary runspeed boosts to yourself and nearby allies. Pair this with the Watchtower’s Critical Augmentors and you have the makings of highly mobile surgical strike teams.

Guard Installations: Pumera & Swordmaiden

Use offensive variants (Skilled/Expert) of these installations to spawn more offensive guards that push to the enemy base. Send in your strike teams with the Pumera; these guards will leap on their foe, perform frenzied attacks, and have powerful runspeed and critical buff roars. Or, send in your strike teams with the Swordmaiden; these guards will leap, snare, and armor debuff their targets. Make sure you keep Nano-Pak on hand to summon guard reinforcements for both installations. These reinforcements will also push towards your enemy’s base!

Travel: Deployment Station

Get a head start out on the battlefield by using the Deployment Station. Step onto a station pad and you’ll be rocket dropped into the field. Take control of those Nano-Pak nodes with your strike teams! Upgrade it to max so this installation will give you access to five different hot drop locations.

Super Weapon: Orbital Laser

Once you have a good reserve of Nano-Pak built up, use this bad boy to potentially sway the tide of battle. You’ll melt your opposition away! The Orbital Laser has the lowest cooldown of all of the super weapon so if you have a good stock-pile of Nano-Pak, keep that laser assembly hot!

Boss: Spiritmother Selene

Install that Boss Summoner and go out to the Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden. Get a boss token from Spiritmother Selene and bring it back to your Warparty’s bank so you can summon her during the match. When you have enough Nano-Paks, send her out to the enemy base to distraction and devastation. Selene will buff allies with runspeed, critical chance, and severity during combat (she likes going berserk), so stay close to maximize your combat potential!


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