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Can You Be the Hero the World Needs? (Sponsored)

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This year, gamers the world over have been raving about the hottest browser game around, LIBERATORS: A WW2 STRATEGY EPIC! Recently featured on Facebook as one of the top games of the season, this simultaneous turn-based strategy brings all the action of history’s most epic conflict straight to your living room.

Take command of a legion of war-hardened vets, each unit with their own strengths and weaknesses. Travel across war-torn Europe, liberating Nazi-occupied cities and towns. Take on metal monsters like the Great Gustav, and trek across the sands of North Africa. Recruit real heroes from history from liberated cities, such as George S. Patton, Bernard Montgomery, Dwight D Eisenhower and countless more! Your only limit is your determination.

There are a staggering number of individual aspects of the game that will keep the strategy lover entertained for hours on in. Each month, we bring all new functions and features for the frontline soldiers charging forth with reckless abandon. But sometimes, it’s the oldies but goodies that keep the players coming back for more.

One of those all-time crowd-pleasers is the Squad Battles game function. Join together with soldiers the world over to form squads of up to 15 total units divided among three separate players. Take on an onslaught of enemies and win great rewards for your combined effort. Keeping all your squadrons alive for the duration of the battle will grant a three-star victory!

Join squads with members of your mighty Alliance of world-wide soldiers for extra bonus rewards. Savvy players alert their fellow Alliance members in the special Alliance chat in order to insure maximum rewards upon victory. Take on these battles three times per day and receive the resources your men and women in arms need to achieve certain victory.

Squad battles are divided up according to the different aspects of your soldiers and their units. Form squads of only female commanders, only long distance commanders, or only soldiers on wheels. Keep all your soldiers in tip top shape in order to pass these battles reliably. Soldiers the world over are counting on you. Will you rise to the challenge?

Liberators brings you the best in World War II action! Battle against the mightiest generals across the globe in the Number 1 browser game of the year! Check out our official page for new players’ gift codes, strategies, in-game events and much more!

See you on the battlefield, soldier!

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