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Boss Fights – the 'Demon Prince'

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Ahead of the upcoming start of the Closed Beta, Sandbox Interactive, developers of Albion Online, released a new feature highlight video, showing of the game’s high-end PvE content.

Currently the hardest boss to defeat in the game, the Demon Prince was created by the faction „Disciples of Morgana“ using the soul of an ancient demon. The video presents the bloodshed between a five-warrior crew and the Demon Prince showcasing the unique skills and spells the boss uses to instill complete darkness in the hearts of his enemies:

With special attacks, such as "Withering Spheres", "Demonic Pull" or "Invasion From Hell", it takes true combat skill and teamwork in order to defeat this monstrous creature.

The Albion Online Closed Beta will start in November and interested players have the opportunity to participate by becoming Founders on the Albion Online website.


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