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Bigger, Badder Baddies! New Field Bosses

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Hey Gang! Back in June the Elsword Team released an update that expanded Elsword vastly with the Fields of Battle. This update dramatically changed the entire Elsword World making it 4 times bigger while bringing in more baddies to the fight and although our current monsters in the fields are pretty ruthless… We couldn’t resist adding a few more challenges…

We’re bringing to our players a whole set of new dangerous encounters with Field Bosses. As if our current Dungeon bosses are difficult to defeat as is, the Field Bosses are way tougher.

Field Bosses have HP to boot, so taking down these bad boys is going to require a lot of team work from players within the fields. Players are going to need to gear up with their best equipment and if you have HP potions you’re going to need them because they really pack a punch! Damage taken from these nasty foes is going to hurt.

Each of the fields has a unique boss or bosses totaling 9 new behemoths. Our favorite monster is Lanos! Doesn’t he look cute and cuddly? D’awww… He’s a big loveable guy who’ll hug you with his tornado punches of doom! Lanos doesn’t travel alone… he hangs out with his harem of lovely ladies Shinee and Moonstar.

Other bigger bosses include Stone God. He enjoys clamping his foes with his fists.

Of course you’re not taking these fellows down for nothing! Each time you defeat a Field Boss you can earn some pretty sweet rewards and drops. Field Bosses are a permanent addition, but to celebrate their releases we are offering some fun events to earn even more Elsword loot!

So have at it! Players will find the Field Boss Monsters to be a rewarding challenge!

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