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We have a very good surprise! We just found a brand new and shiny PlayStation 4 Console.  We do not know what to do with it! We thought that you may need it more than we do – ain’t that right? Well you know we have one now but how do you get it? Well, During the Event, Collect as many bananas as you can playing games and finishing our Xmas Calendar. Share the PS4 Console Event on your Facebook. Write your name on the PS4 event post to get your name in the race.

This event is for a limited time and full of competitive gamers who want it just as much as you! Make sure to check how many bananas you have earned, how many you are missing and of course when the event ends.

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Do you want a free game from Bananantic? Well look no further we have steam keys worth over $9+ for free! All you have to do to win is share the giveaway on Facebook, Twitter and earn 500 Bananas. Also, don’t forget to register with two games in order to enter a random steam game over 9+$. The giveaway has a limited number of spots so make sure to get in fast or you might just miss it. There are plenty of great games you can get players and as long as you beat 3 quests or more you can enter the giveaway.

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