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Astellia Developer Diary: Halloween Event Approaches

Cliff Wilson Posted:
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Hail and well met, Astellians. The time is almost upon us where the spirits of those who have come before descend onto the world of living for a limited time. During this window the veil is thin and sometimes, if you squint your eyes just right, you’ll be able to see our fallen ancestors. Or if you aren’t paying attention you could be turned into worm food by the giant Pumpkin Head!

That’s right - Halloween is coming to Astellia. Starting at the end of maintenance on 10/22 and running through the beginning of maintenance on 11/05 adventurers of all levels will be able to participate in events that allow them to earn Nasty Smelling Candy which can be traded for various rewards including skeletal Halloween costume.

All event monsters throughout the world during the course of this event will have a small chance to drop Nasty Smelling Candy. In addition, a themed daily quest called Candy for the Candy King will be available with six different level variations that will reward players with a candy box upon completion. This box contains event tokens, dungeon tickets, and a box of sweet candy that provides various buffs.

The mischievous Pumpkin Heads have taken up residence in 6 different fields throughout the world. From the Northern Arau Forest to the Greleaf he can be found terrorizing players from level 1 to level 50. Gather with your friends to destroy these menacing pumpkins to make off with their stash of nasty candy that can be traded in.

Players will also be able to tackle the Scary Halloween Mansion. This is a limited themed variant of the Archduke Caleonid’s Mansion complete with a new final boss. The level requirement for this dungeon has been lowered from 45 to 35 for the event and the Dungeon Ticket consumption has been reduced from 4 to 2 to allow players to participate more frequently during the Halloween event. Lucky adventurers may uncover a unique skin for one of their Astel’s from the final boss.

Once you’re done hoarding your Candy you’ll be able to trade it in at a rewards vendor. These vendors can be found in the major cities of Meiville, Frel, Ivera, and Almatin. You’ll be able to purchase a variety of consumables that offer 30-minute buffs, along with a skeleton Halloween Costume for your character.

There are four new items available in the cash shop during this time too. Three colored variants of the skeleton costume; red, green, and blue. There will also be a Nightmare mount… which you’re going to want to see to believe.

Have fun collecting that candy, Astellians. See you on the field!


Cliff Wilson