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April Update - Final Stretch Before Steam Launch!

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The last few weeks of the Gloria Victis development were very intense. Many important improvements came to life, either enhancing the user experience and immersion or resolving the reported issues.

As an effect of all the hard work, Gloria Victis entered the final stretch before the Steam launch. So, what happened in April?

First of all, a brand new main theme was introduced in the latest weekly update. This epic track, which brings the immersion and roleplay experience to the next level, was created by one of the best video games composers in the world – Marcin Przyby?owicz. Marcin, a veteran from Poland, is best known from his work as the music director of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and composer for The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

The main theme called Another Story Begins has already been released on the Gloria Victis Youtube channel. It is also available in the official game soundtrack, which is included, among instant access to the game and many other rewards, in the Knight’s and higher bundles on the official website.


On the other hand, PVP experience has been redefined. The graphics quality has been significantly improved – from now on players are able to set the displaying of terrains, objects and shadows to a much bigger range. This change, combined with the better working range of displaying characters of the other players, greatly enhanced the experience from sieges. Defenders are now able to see invaders way sooner, while the latter can sneak to a town or castle they want to claim, making use of the landform and hiding in the woods. At the same time the game’s and servers’ performance has been greatly improved, reducing the occurrence of factors not depending on the players.

The combat system itself has also been greatly improved. Numerous tweaks have been done to the balance between different types of weapons, their damage output and armor penetration, as well as the basic statistics of the player’s characters, passive abilities and the attacks power. Therefore the gap between the new and experienced players was minimized, making the encounters even more skill-based. Those changes came to life as a response to the very valuable feedback received from the players, especially from regular participants of the “Valley of Death” tournament and from numerous warbands, which keep fighting for control over the castles and towns all the time.

Feedback received from the players was also an inspiration to improve the crafting system. The basic processes, including woodworking, have been redesigned and the status indicators have been added to the recipes list, telling the players clearly which items they can successfully craft. This way crafting became more intuitive and user-friendly, allowing players to learn smoothly how to craft the very first weapons and how to upgrade locations controlled by their nation.

The user interface has also been greatly improved. Interactions with environment have been unified and the inventory context menu has been added. The latter allows to precisely choose an action which a player wants to perform with an selected item, or even to display a list of recipes in which such an item can be used. This change greatly improved comfort of the inventory management and learning the crafting system.

Combined, the last few updates for Gloria Victis greatly improved the user experience, resulting in a noticeable, continuous increase of the active players’ population, even before the upcoming Steam launch. Therefore the game’s world becomes more and more credible and filled with life, either increasing immersion and enhancing the roleplay experience.


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