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Albion Online's Nimue Update Launches Today (SPONSORED)

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Nimue, the fifth major post-release content update for Albion Online, releases today, bringing Crystal Realm Battles, improved group-finding options, new creatures and accessories, and much more.

Watch the trailer here:

Crystal Realm Battles

The Crystal Realm is a visually striking new arena set in an alternate plane, in which players can face off against rival guilds in epic group battles with valuable rewards. With a huge number of battles each day and all participants receiving a proportional share of the loot based on performance, this system gives newer and less experienced GvG teams a chance at the spoils of war.

New Party Finder and Other Quality-of-Life Improvements

The Party Finder is an all-new lobby system that allows Albion's solo players, small groups, and guilds to create and join parties and participate in a broad range of open-world activities. Parties are searchable based on a range of criteria, including number of players, desired activity, and item power.

The update also brings several major quality-of-life improvements:

  • With the ability to now mark allies or enemies, guild leaders and shot callers will have a better overview and can command their fights more efficiently.
  • Farmers and builders can plant their fields and raise buildings much more quickly with streamlined crop and building placement.
  • Albion's cities come alive with improved buildings and lighting and updated NPCs with full voiceovers.

New Creatures and Accessories

Players can team up to take down Guardian Aspects, smaller versions of the current Raid Guardians. Each corresponds to one of Albion's six different biomes and offers valuable resources from that biome. And now five new Mob Faction capes with powerful new spells can be crafted with drops from elite monsters. Together, these new monsters and items offer players new incentives to form parties and explore Albion's open world.

For a detailed list of everything coming with Nimue, visit the update page.

On top of that, from now until November 27, Starter Packs and upgrades for Albion Online are 34% off through the Albion Online shop.


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