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Albion Online: Massive Queen Update Now Available (SPONSORED)

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The eighth and yet largest Post Launch Update for Albion Online has been released today. This new expansion by the name of Queen is now available for all players of the fantasy sandbox MMORPG. The massive Update has something for both veterans and new players, as it is stuffed with new amazing features, such as completely reworked Outlands, new Hideouts, the new Crystal League, and much more.

The new Trailer for the Queen Update gives a glimpse behind the scenes and is available on YouTube, or you can view it below.


Coming with Queen: An Overview  

  • Hideouts: Guilds now can freely place bases called Hideout within the Outlands to make their home. The Hideout contains a guild bank and building spaces. A Hideout can be upgraded and may even give home to a Marketplace, an Artifact Foundry, and a Guild Hall.


  • New Outlands: The Outlands and its PvP-Zones are now completely reworked. The new continent design sees higher tier clusters in the center and lower tier areas towards the outer regions. This new design generates more logistical challenges and also new opportunities for local and regional conflict.


  • Avalonians and Elite Dungeons: Players can now face off against a new faction, the Avalonians. The Avalonians will bring the most challenging PvE experience yet for any players daring to face them. They are waiting for the players inside their Elite Randomized Dungeons all over the Outlands. These new dungeons spawn in all T6-T8 zones in the Outlands and pose a challenging task to groups of 15 to 20 players. But it is worth it - along with a week-long fame increase, Avalonian Shards can be obtained here. These can be forged into the strongest Artifact Armors currently available in the game.


  • The Crystal League: In the new Crystal League, players of any strength may face off against each other in 5 vs 5 battles, and claim valuable rewards like Silver, Fame, and Season Points for their guild. When entered via Guild Territory, a victory also upgrades the territory tower. A winning streak even bears the chance for a Tower Chariot, a Colossus Beetle or a Battle Eagle mount.


  • Territory battles: Territories are now claimed via open-world battles. Additionally, the fight for control over a territory may now involve several guilds at once. To balance this, the new zerg-debuff makes large units increasingly ineffective and the luster queue works as a smart balanced filtering tool for overcrowded Clusters. This enhances strategic thinking and makes decisions regarding the size of an army and the skill of the individual fighters necessary and meaningful.


  • Wardrobe Skins: With the new Wardrobe Skin System, players can use their vanity items without a loss on battle readiness. And there are even some more sets available now.


  • More new Features and Improvements:
    • Enchanted Stone with better refining efficiency opening up new opportunities for stonemasons
    • New options for your cursor to enhance its visibility
    • Streamlined Item Power Progression
    • Reworked icons for World Bosses
    • And still much more

Detailed information on the Queen update can be found here on the Albion Online website.


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