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Albion Online is Coming to Steam on May 16th! (Sponsored)

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The official Steam launch announcement has arrived from Sandbox Interactive: Albion Online will be released on Steam on May 16th. It will include new achievements that will also be available for those veteran players who use the "native" Albion Online client. 

What does that mean? Players will find a whole new series of goals to chase, some as simple as tracking and killing a specific number of monsters, or participating in hunting, gathering or crafting. But don't think they're all easy either. There are achievements to pursue that will challenge even the most hardcore of the hardcore.

In celebration of today's announcement, developers have released a new trailer and will further unleash a +25% Fame boon from May 16th to May 22nd. All that is required is to log in and get playing. The boon kicks in automagically!

The Steam launch is a great time to invite your friends to Albion Online! What are you waiting for?


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